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News: Significant Jury Award in Wrongful Death Case caused by Drunk Driver

Posted on February 28th, 2016
One of the Largest to date DUI Crash awards in the surrounding counties was awarded on January 6th, by a Lancaster County Jury, according to a article.  The Jury awarded the surviving mother of a DUI crash victim 15 Million Dollars.  This case stemmed from a DUI Accident which occurred in February 2014.
In Pennsylvania the DUI law states that one, may not drive a vehicle if he has drank enough alcohol to 1) render him or her incapable of safely driving the vehicle, or 2) has above a certain level of drug metabolite in his blood.  Hold other drivers accountable for their actions, Call Ciccarelli Law today and talk the excellent attorney’s in our civil division about a free consultation.
Carlos Garcia was driving his vehicle with a suspended license, while Drunk, and he had previously been convicted of DUIs in the past.  Garcia was driving and strayed across the median where he hit the victim, Kaitlyn Berry.  Kaitlyn’s mother brought suit against Garcia.   At the time of the crash Garcia was also driving with his child in the backseat.  The child walked away from the accident with no injuries.
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One of Stamper’s counsel, offered this comment on the jury’s verdict, “The family is elated that the verdict may deter others from driving unsafely and hope that it will prevent at least one other family from suffering a similar tragedy,” 
The state of Pennsylvania has over 50 DUI Task Forces across the state, and over 150 trained Drug Recognition Experts, trained and deployed to detect drunk and drugged drivers.  These experts helped and contributed to the 52,636 total DUI arrests in Pennsylvania last year.  All the counties surrounding the mid-state including, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties, have experienced a spike in DUI arrests over the last several years.  This also includes a spike in Drugged Driving DUI.
The family of Mrs. Berry was pursuing this case to send a loud message to all reckless drivers.  The Plaintiffs did not expect that there would be an appeal in this case.  
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