Hiring an attorney, lawyer, or law firm may not be an easy decision. 

The process for retaining or finding an advocate for you often starts with finding a lawyer who understands your legal problem; has the experience to provide you legal advice that matters and makes sense; and has the tenacity and determination to resolve your legal problem, whether by negotiation or litigation.

Unlike a medical crisis, where you often have your family doctor’s help in selecting a specialist, the decision for hiring the best lawyer and getting the best legal advice for your family is often made without that benefit.  Most people do not have a family lawyer or a lawyer they feel close enough to come to for general legal advice.

Often, people begin looking for a lawyer to represent them when they are confronted with a crisis. They may be dealing with a family death, serious injury, divorce, or criminal charge.  Consider hiring an attorney who is both friendly and supportive, but also experienced at taking on the tough cases.

Lawyers should be selected for their expertise and experience in specific categories of cases. The “right lawyer” is the person who has substantial experience handling a case very similar to yours, who can and will take action at once. She or he does not have to “look into it,” “think about it and call you back” or “check the most recent court decisions.” The “right lawyer” knows what to do immediately, acts effectively and with little wasted effort or wasted expenditures of your money.

Think carefully about the legal services you require. You may need on-going, regular legal advice from someone who has experience advising individuals or businesses in your line of work. Other attorneys have particular experience in drafting contracts or wills, representing estates or working through land development or zoning-related issues. Many lawyers practice law for a lifetime and never set foot in a courtroom because their work is primarily consultative and oriented toward planning. Other attorneys focus on providing remedies that require litigation, and are experienced in appearing before juries and trying complex civil and criminal cases. The bottom line is that there are many, many lawyers. You just need one. The “right” one.

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