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Our expungement and pardon attorneys can help you when you have questions and need legal advice and representation to remove or expunge a prior criminal history.   Learn more about clearing your record and expunging a criminal charge, summary offense, juvenile record or traffic charge in Pennsylvania.  Look to our firm if you are seeking to remove a criminal charge that was dismissed or noll prossed or placed on ard in PA.  Contact us for information and advice on a criminal record expungement or pardon to clear your record.  A Pennsylvania criminal record stares back at you and can be seen by your family, your friends, your enemies your neighbors, our former employers, your current boss and any future boss.

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Expunging Your Criminal Record

There is a number of reasons why you should speak to an attorney about your prior criminal history:  Embarrassed by a first offense drunk driving charge that was never removed from your record or a conviction for an underage drinking offense or fighting offense when you were younger.   Trying to recover from a troubled past that led to a criminal conviction.  It haunts you and follows you and will stay with you until you can find a lawyer that will work for you to get it expunged or pardoned.

Ciccarelli Law Offices works to eliminate the scars of a prior record and the discrimination, scorn and bias that comes from others that learn of your past.   We are motivated to work with you and avoid the pratfalls of that criminal record coming up with when after an application for college, a license or professional license and job applications.

We represent individuals in criminal record expungement cases throughout PA including Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia.  Our main offices are at 304 North High Street, West Chester PA 19380 in Chester County PA and we can be reached at (610) 692-8700 or (877) 529-2422.


Understand the difference between an expungement, which applies to ARD, first time offender’s programs, a nolle prosse, not guilty, acquittal or dismissal, juvenile offense or summary level conviction;  and a pardon, which applies to convictions of criminal offenses.  We can help.

Learn more about getting your criminal record expunged, from experienced criminal record expungement lawyers based in West Chester, Chester County Pennsylvania.  Speak to us and we can advise you on whether you are eligible for an expungement or whether the pardon process makes sense for you.  Contact Ciccarelli Law Offices  at (610) 692-8700 or (877) 529-2422.

We are based in suburban Philadelphia in Chester County  at 304 North High Street, West Chester PA but service clients throughout the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area including in  Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery Counties and Center City Philadelphia.  We charge reasonable fees and offer reasonable means to make payment including credit card options.   Contact Ciccarelli Law Offices to speak to a Pennsylvania Expungement or Pardon Lawyer today.  Call toll free (877) 529-2422. Learn what steps can be taken to clear your Pennsylvania Record and expunge prior arrests.   Contact a Pennsylvania Expungement or Pardon Lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices for answers to your questions on whether you are eligible for either an expungement or pardon of your prior charges.


Pennsylvania law provides some limited and specific basis for clearing your record after you have been charged and or fingerprinted for committing a criminal offense in Pennsylvania.   Depending on your age, the nature of the crimes and whether the matter was accepted into the Pennsylvania first time offender Program (ARD), determines when the court considers granting an expungement, including the severity of the crime, the type of crime, the disposition of the case, the length of time since dismissal of a case and other factors.

These conditions include where there has been acquittal, a dismissal, nolle pros or withdrawal of the charges, successful ARD completion, the charges are summary offenses, offenses committed by a juvenile, the accused is seventy years older with no prior record in the past decade, or the offender is deceased.

In many cases an application could be rejected because of an old or forgotten charge without you being informed.  Do not make the mistake of being the victim of your our prior record.

Unfortunately, individuals who a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor or felony or not eligible for an expungement under the Pennsylvania Expungement laws.  However, even someone with a criminal conviction has the option for applying for a pardon with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.  Unlike a court process, the pardon process is an administrative process which is subject to the Governor’s review and approval.  Our office represents people in the complicated Pardon Process which requires a pardon hearing in the State Capital of Harrisburg.

Once an individual receives a Governor’s Pardon, you will be able to clear your criminal record.   In some cases, an expungement petition follows the Pardon Process to insure that there are no outstanding records of the prior criminal record in Pennsylvania.

The Pardon Board looks at a number of factors in its decision to recommend an individual for a Governor’s Pardon including:  the nature of the offense, the surrounding facts to the offense, the length of time since the date of the arrest, whether all the sentencing requirements have been completed, and a compelling justification for granting the pardon including the impact the criminal record has had on your life, your ability for you to obtain employment and/or provide for your family.

Contact a Pennsylvania Expungement or Pennsylvania Pardon Lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices.  Ciccarelli Law Offices is based in suburban Philadelphia with main locations in West Chester and Kennett Square PA in Chester County Pennsylvania.  We represent individuals in expungement and pardon matters throughout Pennsylvania including Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County.  Learn more by contacting us by EMAIL or calling (610) 692-8700.