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Pennsylvania DUI Arrests During Holidays

Posted on May 26th, 2013
This can be a great time of year with the sun coming out, the temperature rising and beginning of summer with with Memorial’s Day Weekend.  But if history is accurate, barbecues are accompanied by beer drinking and  skillful observation and prosecution by the police for possible drunk driving and driving after imbibing (DUI) offenses.  Need help or seeking advice after a DUI stop?  

Alcohol drinking can not be taken lightly.  Summer time bring an incredible opportunities for us to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  In many cases, alcohol, especially beer is a way for us to relax while visiting friends, enjoying a barbecue, playing softball or relaxing with family.  But regardless of whether you or watching a Phillies game, driving down to the Jersey Shore, getting ready for Eagles training camp or unwinding after a busy day, remember to drive safely and avoid the need to contact an aggressive, experienced DUI Lawyer that you can expect from our team.


It may come as a surprise but though Memorial Day boasts the most DUI arrests in Pennsylvania, including Chester County and Philadelphia – it is New Years Weekend that is the holiday with the most alcohol related accidents.

DUI crashes in Pennsylvania in 2012

1. New Year’s Weekend, 26.3 per day, 79 total for three-day weekend (No. 5 for total).
2. Labor Day Weekend, 22 per day, 88 total for four-day weekend (No. 1 total).
3. Easter Weekend, 18.7 per day, 56 total for three-day weekend (No. 7 total).
4, Thanksgiving Weekend, 17.2  per day, 86 total for five-day weekend (No. 2 total).
5 (tie). Christmas Weekend and July Fourth Weekend, 17 per day each, 85 total each for five-day weekend (tied for No. 3 total).
7. Memorial Day Weekend, 16.5 per day, 66 total for four-day (No. 6 total).

No stats are kept for St. Patrick’s Day, said Trooper Adam Reed, the state police spokesman who supplied the data.

DUI arrests in Pennsylvania in 2012

1. Labor Day Weekend, 110 per day, 440 total for four-day weekend (No. 2 for total).
2. Thanksgiving Weekend, 101.8 per day, 509 total for five-day weekend (1).
3. Memorial Day Weekend, 101 per day, 404 total for four-day weekend (4).
4. Easter Weekend, 97.2 per day, 292 total for three-day weekend (6).
5. New Year’s Weekend, 95 per day, 285 total for three-day weekend (7).
6. Fourth of July Weekend, 86.4 per day, 432 total for five-day weekend (3).
7. Christmas Weekend, 69.6 per day, 348 total for five-day weekend (5).