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Advantage of an experienced Lawyer when you have a serious Philadelphia traffic violations

Posted on September 9th, 2015

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Pennsylvania State Police, and local officers hand out thousands of speeding tickets every single year.  Many people have come to the mistaken belief that the best practice is to pay the ticket and move on.  The truth is every single year clients of this firm have been encumbered by additional driving penalties from pleading guilty to tickets other than that fine listed on the ticket. At Ciccarelli Law Offices we understand the importance of driving to our clients.  Allow our Traffic Defense Lawyers, with experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Berks Counties, to Represent you today and make those traffic points disappear.

Once you are assessed a traffic violation it can either be a moving offense or a non-moving offense.  Typically non-moving offenses are solely citations.  Moving ticketing offenses are citations but come with a point assessment that is added to your driving record.  Many Pennsylvania drivers are unaware that an increase in the amount of points on your record can result in being required to undergo driver training, or it can substantially increase your insurance premium.  

Not only are you paying a direct monetary consequence of that moving traffic offense, but an increased point total can ultimately lead to the suspension of your license.  In Pennsylvania, when any person’s record shows an accumulation of 11 points or more, Penn Dot will suspend your license.  Each suspension requires a more severe penalty than the last.  The Pennsylvania statute explains that, “The first suspension shall be for a period of 5 days for each point, the second suspension shall be for a period of 10 days for each point, the third suspension shall be for a period of 15 days for each point and any subsequent suspension shall be for a period of one year.”  75 Pa. Cons. Stat. Ann. § 1539 (West).  Don’t let those points accumulate on your license, call Lee Ciccarelli today at (610) 692-8700 and speak to a member of our Traffic Defense Team and find out how we can help you keep those unwanted points off your license.

Generally the course of a traffic offense is as follows, (1) police issue you a citation at the scene, and (2) you can either plead guilty or proceed to a hearing.  Generally most people plead guilty and send in the payment.  Here is how being different than most people can help you.  If you contact Lee Ciccarelli about representing you at the hearing, we will request the hearing and appear to fight for the best possible outcome for the client.  Using our years of experience handling traffic incidents and working the officers who issue the tickets we generally are able to come to an agreement which allows you to avoid the points being assessed to your license.  Points being assessed to your license is a big deal, because as I explained above points are the gift that keep on giving.

Recently a client benefitted from the advice above and our representation.  The client was charged with Section 1543 (b) of the Motor Vehicle Code, or driving while suspended for a DUI related incident.  This penalty carried a mandatory 60 day imprisonment, for a traffic offense.  Our client in this case understood he had to act quickly to assert his rights and contacted our firm to represent him.  Our experienced attorneys were able to work out a settlement of the case which avoided jail time and allowed our client to continue his normal everyday life.

Allow Ciccarelli Law Offices to represent you today and use Traffic Defense Team’s experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties to get you the outcome you deserve.  With our vigorous representation this client was able to avoid the prescribed jail time, and continue his life and career without the encumbrance of a 60 day jail sentence.   With swift action and the right representation you can ensure that your rights will be protected too.  Reach us today at (610) 692-8700.