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Chester County Rape Charges Dismissed

Posted on September 4th, 2015

man aloneA  Chester county young man put his faith in Ciccarelli Law Offices and the result was a dismissal of all charges.   The client was facing sexual assault charges as a result of accusations from a young woman. This accusation took place through a social media platform, Snapchat. During the snapchat conversation, the younger female blatantly said our client raped her friend without any basis for the charge. Our client was potentially in danger of many serious crimes including statutory rape (sex with a person under age 18) and corruption of minors.

Our offices were ready and will to defend him to the fullest extent of the law.   Convinced of his innocence and determined to make the government proof their case, our legal team, led by former prosecutor, Alexandra Bradley accepted the case.  Ms. Bradley researched the case thoroughly and prepared to argue in front of the Assistant District Attorney. Ms. Bradley’s dedication to her client’s case resulted in a discovery that resulted in a strong case for her client.  At the preliminary hearing, the evidence was evaluated to determine whether the case should go to trial or not, and Ms. Bradley was successful in getting the charges nolle prossed.  Our client was able to move on with his life without facing the impact on his future.  His decision in seeking immediate legal representation and have experienced attorneys at his side helped in the dismissal of the wild accusations.  Our client benefited from Ciccarelli Law Office’s meticulous attention to detail, as Ms. Bradley was able to find terrific information to support his case. Once we combined the information with a savvy legal strategy, our client had the best representation possible and a great chance to win his case. Thanks to our attorney’s stout defense, our client’s argument succeeded and kept our client’s bright future intact without worry of baseless accusations.

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