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Fighting Multiple DUI Offenses in Pennsylvania

Posted on September 19th, 2015

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is a direct violation of Section 3802 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Putting yourself in such a position is never good, however, violating this same law four times, makes the situation grave and the resulting punishment is severe. The DUI defense lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices recently handled a case for a client in this exact predicament.

Fighting Multiple DUI Offenses in Pennsylvania

The Assistant District Attorney was aiming to have our client be placed in state prison, far from home for a long time. Our client suffered from both bi-polar disorder as well as alcohol addiction. Our defense attorney on the case, James Munnelly, knew that for his client to have the best path to recovery he needed support from his family and friends. Our client’s issues all stemmed from a recent death in the family which resulted in serious mental health issues. He was an inpatient at a treatment facility multiple times as he sought the assistance he needed to be addiction free. These significant mental health issues were a significant reason for his clouded judgment, leading to his multiple DUI violations.

Looking at these facts, we requested to the judge that his time in prison be less than two years and be served in county prison. Serving time in county prison would enable his family and friends to visit him and help him recover smoothly by keeping his spirits up while in prison. This might seem minor to an ordinary person, but when a person knows they have done wrong and are struggling to recover, being close to home is an essential detail. Mental health is critically important to overcome problems like addiction. Serving time in a county prison is not only beneficial to our client, but his entire family as well, who want to support him. These genuine arguments convinced the judge and led to a sentencing decision in our client’s favor. The judge sentenced our client to one to two years in county prison and thereby acknowledging how much our client’s mental health and recovery would be aided by the presence of his family and friends.

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