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Understanding Your Rights After an Accident

Posted on September 4th, 2015

TR004531Have you ever been struck by a moving vehicle?  Hurt as a passenger in an automobile collision?  Maybe you were driving down the road minding your own business and struck by a crazy driver?  Make sure that you aren’t stuck with those expensive medical bills when it wasn’t your fault.  At Ciccarelli Law Offices we understand our clients need to get fully and wholly compensated for an accident for which they had no fault.  Allow our Personal Injury Lawyers, with decades of experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, and Berks Counties, to Represent you today and make those insurance companies pay.

The most prevalent type of litigation in any state today are automobile accidents.  The same can be said for Pennsylvania, and in Pennsylvania one of the major factors affecting your ability to sue a negligent, or careless driver, is your own insurance coverage.  In Pennsylvania, you are offered the ability through your insurance company to choose “Full Tort”, or “Limited Tort”.   Full Tort means you are able to sue a driver for any accident in which you experience a loss not covered by your insurance.  Limited Tort simply means that your options to sue have been limited and for that trade off you get a discount on your automobile insurance rate.  To many drivers this seems like a wise choice, and in our experiences many clients before being informed of their rights, choose the “Limited Tort” option.   This choice can have tragic consequences, especially when you have been injured in an automobile accident.

While “Full Tort” obviously offers more advantages, many people are unaware that, in Pennsylvania you are allowed to make a Full Tort Claim if you are a limited tort driver and meet any one of these four exceptions, (1) Responsible Driver is DUI, (2) Responsible Driver is driving a vehicle registered in another state, (3) the responsible driver intentionally attempted to injure himself or another, or (4) any accident where you have a “serious impairment of body function”.  You also retain all rights to sue, “Full Tort”, if you are a passenger, in a commercial vehicle and are injured.  It’s your job to know your rights and once you make that phone call to Ciccarelli Law firm and speak to our Personal Injury Team, it’s our job to make sure that the responsible people pay for your pain and suffering.

There are several important Parts to any personal injury suit.  The first step is to determine the party at fault.  There are always several reasons why an accident happened or things that could potentially cause an accident and our Personal Injury Attorneys will not rest until we find the at fault party.  The second step is to determine damages.  Our Personal Injury lawyers will deal with the hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies and make sure that every dollar you have spent in medical treatment is accounted for.  The last step is either negotiating a fair settlement or going to trial.  We ensure that you are well represented the entire way by a team of experienced personal injury trial lawyers.

Don’t get stuck dealing with lawyers, and Insurance companies alone, allow Our Personal Injury team to handle your civil matters.  Allow the Ciccarelli Law Offices to represent you today and use its combined decades of Plaintiff Personal injury experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Counties.  Reach us today at (610) 692-8700 and speak to a member of our Personal Injury Team and find out how we can help getting your life back to normal after a tragic accident.