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Pennsylvania Injury Attorneys Obtain Injury Settlement on Biking Accident in Lancaster County PA

Posted on November 1st, 2015

One of our most recent clients was biking through Lancaster when suddenly he was struck by a vehicle at the left leg. The driver was an insured motorist who was driving negligently. The frightening accident caused serious structural damage to his leg. Aside from his leg injury, our client was thankfully in good health otherwise.

In Pennsylvania, a person injured in an accident involving a car, is able to seek recovery from the driver who made the mistake leading to the crash. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, requires all drivers to have a $5,000 insurance coverage policy for their own injuries and damages. In regards to driver liability however, drivers are required to have an insurance plan that provides at least $15,000 in liability to any other party they have adversely effected in the accident.

Between the injury, the expensive ambulance ride, and all the costs of subsequent treatment and recovery, the total costs of his injury were bound to be higher than an average person might expect. When the driver hit our client on his bike, the consequences were long lasting and he is still in the process of rehabilitating his injured left leg. It also has caused him to be out of work without pay. This is especially unfortunate because our client relied solely upon his bike for transportation because he does not own a vehicle. The injury will keep him out of work for an anticipated twelve weeks, perhaps more. Due to his mode of transportation, the injury will also keep him cooped up at home until he makes a full recovery. The extent of the injury is far reaching and that is why Ciccarelli Law Offices decided to take his case and fight for his proper compensation.

In order to get the compensation we sought for our client, much negotiating needed to take place. After the medical bills started to roll in, the insurance company of the driver knew they were going to be forced to pay our client well for his injuries. The driver was the clear cause for the injury because the driver was not paying enough attention to the road and the surrounding areas. If she was, our client would not have been struck and hurt so badly. The driver should have observed our client on the bike, but failed to and therefore the driver is considered negligent. Once the driver was found to be negligent in driving, the insurance company came to the negotiation table and we settled for the policy limits within approximately thirty days.

Experienced lawyers in personal injury litigation can provide you with the help you need to have your medical expenses compensated. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, our office will fight by your side to make sure the defendant is paying the bills. Rightfully, as an innocent plaintiff party, you should have no obligation to pay for any of the bad fortune you experienced leading to your injury. Ciccarelli Law Offices are located throughout southeastern Pennsylvania from Philadelphia County to Lancaster County. Call any of our knowledgeable attorneys for more information or any questions you may have at 610-692-8700 or toll free at 877-529-2422.