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Accident Injury Cases in the News

Posted on February 28th, 2016

According to Penn Record, two years ago a pair of men were severely injured while biking in Upper Merion Township. The two men claim that their injuries were directly caused by dangerous cuts that were left unmarked on the roadway. They argue that the defendants, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and PECO, failed to inspect, maintain and repair the roadway that caused their accidents. The two plaintiffs filed separate lawsuits against these parties who are accused of negligence and vicarious liability. Each plaintiff believes that their case, individually, is worth over $50,000 due to interest, cost of representation, delay damages, relief and rehabilitation. The defendants are currently seeking to move the case to a different district that might favor their case.

Between the injury, the expensive ambulance ride, and all the costs of subsequent treatment and recovery, the total costs of his injury were bound to be higher than an average person might expect. The accident occurred while the plaintiffs were riding on their bikes and the consequences have been long lasting. Rehabbing is an expensive and time consuming process that is an unfair disturbance to the injured parties. It also could have caused them to be out of work without pay for some period of time.

In order to receive the compensation their lawyers are seeking for the plaintiffs, plenty of negotiation needs to take place. This is often a long road to receive the deserved amount of money to make the injured party whole again. After the medical bills started to roll in, the insurance companies of the PennDOT and PECO realized they were going to be in for a long fight against these plaintiffs and their subsequent injuries. The obvious cause for the injuries to the bikers was due to PennDOT and PECO not paying close enough attention to the road conditions and the surrounding areas. If these public companies were more thorough in handling the roads they are responsible to watch over, these plaintiffs would not have been hurt so badly and the accidents could have been avoided all together.

Ciccarelli Law Offices have settled hundreds of personal injury cases where the injured party was not at fault. Often, there is another party who is at fault and thus liable for injuries sustained to anyone else as a result of their lack of care.

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