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Accident Injury Cases in the News

Posted on February 28th, 2016

When ever someone is the victim of an accident caused by someone’s negligence, their goal is regain well being and be compensated for their loss.  Monetary compensation can be essential in providing a transition to an injured client and assist in a full and healthy recovery from any kind of accident. The medical bills escalate quickly causing great amounts of debt. Therefore, injured parties need the compensation to stay financially secure and balanced. Unfortunately, receiving compensation funds from the at-fault party is not always easy to accomplish.

One example of a situation where compensation funds were delayed was a motor vehicle accident in Philadelphia. According to Penn Record, one man was a passenger in a vehicle approaching 8th Avenue when a negligent driver caused an accident by hitting the side of the vehicle the man was riding in. In this case, the injured party sustained injuries to his entire back and spine due to the accident in Philadelphia. The first issue was that the driver’s insurance company refused to pay first party benefits to the passenger of the vehicle. In Pennsylvania, those who wish to drive their car are statutorily required to have a $5,000 minimum on their insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. The insurance company denied the injured party’s claim to pay out that insurance money because the driver of the vehicle the plaintiff was riding in, was not at fault. The passenger filed suit against the driver’s insurance company for not paying out those insurance benefits and acting in bad faith while violating the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.

Next, an injured party must look to the defendant’s insurance company because as a driver in Pennsylvania, the same law requires drivers to have $15,000 in liability coverage in case a driver is at-fault in an accident. The passenger did this and reached a settlement of $10,000 where it was determined that the defendant driver would pay for 60 percent of the cost of the accident to the injured passenger. Unfortunately, the defendant did not pay this amount by the due date agreed upon. The plaintiff now seeks interest on the unpaid amount of settlement money along with complete coverage of further legal fees needed to have this settlement enforced. This would increase the settlement’s total by a significant amount if it took a long time for the defendant to pay.

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