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Developments in Accident Law in Pennsylvania

Posted on February 28th, 2016

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents that require litigation. Slip & fall injuries are compensable – in order for the slip and fall accident to occur, the property owner of where the accident occurred is usually responsible for the injury due to their own negligence. Fault is assigned to the property owner when there is something that the property owner could have done to prevent the injured party from becoming injured on their property. The only way to for an injured party to seek recovery in this situation is to go through the legal system to be compensated financially. This can be an intimidating and complicated process that most citizens are not educated on.

Slip & Fall Accident

According to the Penn Record, a Mechanicsburg truck driver is accusing the United States Postal Service for negligence after he took a fall while on land that was leased by the Postal Service. The injured party experienced a painful slip and fall when he used the exit that was specifically for his use when he was leaving the property. The main cause behind the slip and fall was due to the negligence of the Postal Service who, as the property lessee, is required to take the proper precautions to prevent unsafe conditions from forming. This is to protect all their customers and employees from any defective condition that has the potential to develop on their property. The United States Postal Service was not alert enough to the danger that was forming on their stairs where customers and workers regularly exit. According to the article, the landing of the staircase was unlit, which created the hazardous situation for the people exiting their property. As a result, the truck driver from the article was injured badly enough, that he needed to have medical procedures conducted to heal the bodily injuries he sustained in the slip and fall accident.

The truck driver was considered a business invitee at the time of the accident, meaning he was permitted to come onto the property for a commercial purpose. Here, his business purpose was to deliver a holiday rush shipment to the Postal Service. At that point, USPS owed him the highest degree of care and implied assurance that the premises were free and clear of potentially dangerous conditions. The United States Postal Service should have been aware of any potential hazards, especially on a landing that was used as an exit prior to the stairs.

His serious injury is likely to require physical therapy and rehabilitation for a long amount of time in order to fully repair the injuries he sustained and no longer feel pain. Costs of his accident were high, which is typical for any type of serious injury. The truck driver is now seeking over $150,000 for his total compensation of costs related to the injury. This includes everything from the ambulance service, hospital bills, legal fees and rehabilitative treatment he received.

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