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Dangerous Condition at Lancaster County Hotel Results in Injury Settlement

Posted on February 28th, 2016

A client of Ciccarelli Law Offices was staying at a Quality Inn in Lancaster when she was injured because of carelessness. Our client was in the shower and slipped and fell hard onto her left side leading to an amalgam of injuries that included three broken ribs and a lung contusion. Her husband quickly assisted her while she was screaming in pain and then rushed her to the hospital. Later, it was determined that her fall was not her fault, but instead due to a defective bath mat that was too small for the tub and covered far less surface of the tub than is required to keep guests safe from slip and fall accidents. Leaving too much of the bare tub exposed left the opportunity open to our client being badly hurt. What began as a nice stay at a hotel, ended in a terrible way.

First, a person wants to make sure that they receive the medical treatment necessary. Our client took care of this while seeing many doctors at different hospitals and then looked to her legal options, to be compensated for the injuries she sustained.

Our client knew that any reasonable person would believe that a tub at a hotel would have a bath mat in place that was there to keep the shower environment safe for the guests the hotel invites to stay over at their chain of hotels. Therefore, she believed she could have a case against the hotel for the responsibility of her injuries.

The hotel should have been aware of the defective shower mat that they placed in their bath tub. As a result, they should have realized the potential consequences of only supplying a small one when a much larger one was clearly needed. This was the only minor precautionary effort they needed to take to prevent such an accident.

Our client was a business invitee of the motel which means she is a person entering commercial premises for the purpose of doing business, in her case, to stay overnight. The hotel is required to provide for our client, reasonably safe conditions while on the hotel premises. Failing to provide a satisfactory bath mat in the hotel’s showers is an obvious violation of the duty of care they owed our client. Many cases in Pennsylvania have established a strong precedent that our office was able to use to our client’s advantage.

In spite of her injuries, our client was able to get justice in the way of a monetary settlement from the hotel which enabled her to recover from her losses for her endless medical bills and physical therapy treatments.  To get the compensation you need in a slip and fall case, Ciccarelli Law Offices are here for you. Located in West Chester and many surrounding counties, our attorneys are here to help lead you through the legal process. Our experienced legal team will get the compensation you deserve if you have an accident that results in serious injury. Call us for more information or any questions you may have at 610-692-8700 or toll free at 877-529-2422.