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Delaware County Injured Passenger Obtains Personal Injury Monetary Settlement

Posted on February 28th, 2016

In late 2011, a client of Ciccarelli Law Offices was severely hurt as a passenger in car accident in Delaware County on Interstate 95 North. The accident caused severe injuries to our client’s leg and hip as they were pinned against the car’s dashboard. Originally the injury to our client was thought to be nothing but a contusion or bruise.

The pain then continued and extended from her knee and quadriceps, eventually calling for further medical evaluation. After multiple doctor visits, it was discovered that she also had hip bursitis and a ligament torn in her hip due to the accident. This bursitis and torn ligament was the likely cause of client’s extreme pain along with her daily nightmares about the terrifying accident. Eventually the pain became too great for our client and she was forced to get arthroscopic surgery to treat her hip injury. Arthroscopic surgery is incredibly expensive; this surgery joined her other medical costs, from hospital bills, dozens of doctor’s appointments, and rehabilitation to recover her leg to the point of full functionality.

Our client was an innocent passenger in the car accident that was the fault of one of the drivers involved, causing her pain and suffering. . This is a really unfair situation because the party hurt, our client, had no fault within the sequence of events leading to the accident. The effect on our client has been extreme. Unfortunately, the surgery did not solve all of her issues. The surgery forced our client to use crutches for a number of weeks and yet the pain still persisted because in months following the surgery, other muscles were discovered to be strained still. She was not able to sit for a long time or walk a far distance without excruciating pain. This, of course, all stemmed from the original accident. This is a sad position to be in, especially when the cause of your injury is not your fault.

Our client was looking for justice and a fair result and sought out the representation of our motor vehicle accident attorneys.  Our accident attorney team delivered and she received a sizable monetary settlement for her pain and suffering arising from this accident. Luckily for our client in this case, she was able to adequately recover through a lawsuit.. This was the help our client was aiming for, the help she deserved in the aftermath of a serious car accident. The compensation she received may not take away all her pain, but it will assist her in getting the medical care she needs to finally be healthy once again.

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