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Dog Attack Claims in the News

Posted on February 28th, 2016

Dog attacks are one of the most fearful ways to incur injuries. Other accidents, like those involving motor vehicles are terrifying in their own right, but are usually over within seconds. Dog attacks could be prolonged and unrelenting, making it a dreaded way of becoming injured. According to Penn Record, a few years ago in Pennsylvania, a nine-year-old girl went to her friend’s house for a visit. She knocked on the door and proceeded to open it when the father of the other child told her to enter. When the nine-year-old entered the home, she was met by three large pitbulls, one of which charged the girl and attacked her. The result was a bite to the girl’s face causing serious injury: a part of her nose was bit off and a deep laceration was torn into the flesh of her cheek. Thankfully, her nose was saved by the local police chief and she was ambulanced to the nearest hospital for surgery and extensive medical treatment.

Needless to say, great psychological and physical injuries were sustained. The dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance failed to respond to the little girl’s legal representation who demanded compensation for the severe facial injury. This refusal to compensate the girl led to the injured party filing a lawsuit against the dog owner. Soon thereafter, the insurer was pressured into paying out the policy limit of $300,000 sought by the injured. 

While this might seem like a significant amount, it may not have been enough to fully cover the girl’s medical expenses. She required 23 separate, two-hour sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to successfully reattach her nose. In addition, her age presents another challenge during this process. Because her nose was not fully formed at only nine years old, the nasal reconstruction cannot be completed until the girl is older. Another surgery will need to be performed in about three years.

The disputing families, once close friends, have also had a falling out between them after the dog attack. This, along with the physical and emotional strains, has created a sad situation that will significantly affect the girl as she grows up. The $300,000 settlement will be paid out over four years once the girl turns 18. 

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