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West Chester Attorneys obtain Maximum Settlement on Injury Claim

Posted on February 28th, 2016

Last year, on a late October night, a man was suddenly struck while crossing a street in his hometown of Glenside, Pennsylvania. After enjoying the evening in Philadelphia and taking the train home, he had reached his stop and was only a few blocks from home. The night went sour quickly thereafter when he attempted to cross an intersection on his street and, simultaneously, a driver swung around the intersection’s corner too quickly and cut towards the sidewalk too closely. The SUV driver plowed into the man, severely injuring him. The man who was struck became our client less than a week later.

At first, the driver did not stop and continued to drive by, nearly beginning a hit and run scenario. Our client attempted to run down the SUV, but instead realized his ghastly scenario; our client’s leg, according to him, was “dangling” from his body. Thankfully, the driver halted his SUV and drove our client to the nearest hospital. He sustained a shattered right tibia injury which required surgery and an insertion of a metal plate near his right knee to stabilize his leg. His right ankle, hand and arm were also injured in the accident. Though our client was initially in shock, he has managed to cope with his unfortunate situation and is in the process of making a full recovery.

In cases involving car accidents in Pennsylvania – the process to sue a driver can get complicated. Under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act, every driver is required to have a minimum of $5,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy. Sometimes, drivers have more than the required $5,000 coverage plan. That same driver is also statutorily required to have a $15,000 insurance policy minimum for liability to others they are in an accident with. When a plaintiff, like our client, is involved in an auto-accident case, this is usually the first place they look to for financial recovery purposes. Our client did not have health insurance and therefore could not have recovered from his own policy but was still able to recover from the driver’s PIP policy and the driver’s health insurance to pay for all of his recovery expenses. The costs of medical care are often expensive and our client needed plenty of help to recover physically and financially.

Our Accident Attorneys demanded Policy Limits on this Claim.  One of our hard working attorneys, Tim Kraeer, accomplished this by demonstrating the extent of physical injuries incurred and the rehabilitation our client required in order to move on from such a devastating event. Once the defendant’s party recognized this and saw the consequences stemming from the defendant’s actions, a settlement was reached promptly. This was a significant amount of money recovered and was sure to help our client recover in all of the affected areas of his life.

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