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West Chester PA Accident Lawyers obtain Monetary settlement on Mack Truck Accident Injury

Posted on February 28th, 2016

One of Ciccarelli Law Office’s clients was in an accident that was certain to change her life. She was driving on Route 322 in Chester County, Pennsylvania when she was struck by a Mack truck that was full of concrete waste. The truck fell over on its side while the truck driver made a right turn at a rate of speed that was well over the speed limit. The truck then slid into our client’s vehicle. Thankfully the worst potential damages did not occur because our client’s two year old child was miraculously unharmed by the accident.

The effects on our client were extensive. Beginning with physical injuries, our client was treated multiple times by numerous facilities to cope with the pain she was enduring. She was diagnosed with cervicalgia, sciatica, and chronic back and shoulder pain. Further medical evaluation revealed an intervertebral disc bulge and a lumbar sprain, partly causing her pain to continue. More issues piled onto top of these physical ailments as the mental toll she sustained was great. Doctors diagnosed her with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression caused by the anxiety of her motor vehicle accident. The shock and subsequent thoughts of her nearly losing her life and the life of her child produced serious mental trauma after her car was struck by a massive truck.

In Pennsylvania, those who wish to drive their car are statutorily required to have a $5,000 minimum on their insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. Therefore our client initially received at least that amount from her insurance company. However, our client was in a unique situation because the defendant was an employee driver which means the employing company could be vicariously liable for any damages resulting from the accident if the employee was in the course of his employment. This driver was driving the Mack truck of concrete for the purpose of his work, therefore making the employer liable.

If a person is hurt in a car accident that is not their fault, that injured party should be compensated. Our client here was in a situation exactly like this and was able to recover a monetary settlement for all of her injuries and mental hardships. This was an amount that was necessary to her recovery. Our client was also compensated for months of rehabilitation that followed her initial injuries to attempt to restore her to her full health she had prior to the accident.

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