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West Chester PA Accident Lawyers obtain Monetary Settlement for Slip and Fall Injury

Posted on February 28th, 2016

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents that require litigation. The need for this type of legal action is great because though a property owner may be at fault, their insurance company will often contest the case and argue that the property owner was not negligent or that the victim was the cause of his or her own misfortune or contributed to the accident in such a way as to relief the property owner from responsibility.

The only way to for an injured party to seek recovery in this situation is to go through the legal system to be compensated financially. This can be an intimidating and complicated process just to be made whole again.

A recent client of ours experienced a painful slip and fall just outside of a a local pharmacy, in the entrance way. The reason for this slip and fall was due to the negligence of the local pharmacy who, as the store owner, is required to take the proper precautions to prevent slippery surfaces from forming so as to keep their customers safe from any defective condition that can develop.

Instead, the local pharmacy paid no attention to the weather that day and subsequent snow, sleet and rain happening around their premises. The slush and water led to our client falling directly onto her lower back and right wrist. The workers at the local pharmacy did not even seem to care about her potential injuries. Our client was considered a business invitee at the time of the accident, meaning she was permitted to come onto the property for a commercial purpose.

At that point, the local pharmacy owed our client the highest degree of care and implied assurance that the premises were free and clear of potentially hazardous conditions. the local pharmacy should have been aware of any potential hazards, especially on a day that had inclement weather.

Her injuries involved swelling, little to no movement of her right hand and eventually over two months of physical therapy and rehabilitation to get her hand back into healthy shape. Similar treatment was needed for her lower back and she still experiences pain to this date as a result of the unfortunate accident at the local pharmacy. Her continued pain has negatively affected her completion of everyday activities, making tasks like writing, driving or cooking a struggle to overcome. Costs of her accident totaled well over $1,000. Our client struggled to keep up with payments and continue her necessary physical therapy treatments.

She called Ciccarelli Law Offices and we knew exactly what she was going through and how to make it right. She needed to be compensated for the injuries that the local pharmacy caused through negligence and it needed to be done quickly so she could get the treatment needed to heal her injuries correctly. Our client settled with the pharmacy for $25,000, which was great for her well-being moving forward.

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