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West Chester PA Rear End Motor Vehicle Accident Results in Settlement for Passenger

Posted on February 1st, 2016

Learn more about how an experienced team of motor vehicle accident lawyers can help you and your family. Negative effects of car accidents can be widespread and devastating to any individual involved. A Driver or passenger of either vehicle can be injured in a blink of an eye. Recently, Ciccarelli Law Offices represented a client in a car accident case where he was injured.  Our client was a back seat passenger in what appeared to be a minor rear end accident. It turned out to be a much worse situation than originally thought, as he was ambulanced to a local hospital with multiple injuries sustained. Upon further evaluation, it was discovered that he had injuries to his neck, lower back, and left knee and fractured his right wrist. The treating doctor stated that our client would need right wrist surgery to remove three pieces of bone in order to gain regular functionality once again.

The accident’s impact had repercussions on him and his family’s well being as he saw his hours at his employer slashed as a direct result of his injuries caused by his accident. This was all due to a simple rear-end accident in which our client was a back seat passenger. No financial harm should come from recovering from an injury where you were in no way at fault. The person who is responsible for your injuries should be picking up the bill for your medical expenses.

Our client in this case certainly had plenty of costs associated with his injuries. In Pennsylvania, those who wish to drive their car are statutorily required to have a $5,000 minimum on their insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. Another $15,000 must be on their insurance plan for potential liability claims against them.

As a result of the accident, our client was entitled to compensation proportionate to his injuries. Some injuries could be hard to prove but this case was not, as his injuries directly damaged his bones and required surgery. In fact a second wrist surgery was needed to remove a screw from his hand. Surgeries are expensive and gave our client grounds to be highly compensated for the costs to repair his wrist.

Our team of accident lawyers were successful at getting a significant monetary settlement on behalf of our client for the pain and suffering endured because of this accident, helping our client recover financially for the most unfortunate of circumstances.

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