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What is aggravated assault?

Posted on November 24th, 2017

What is aggravated assault?

What is aggravated assault? Aggravated assault is the intending to cause serious bodily injury to someone or recklessly causing serious bodily injury to another person. There are many different ways that an aggravated assault can occur. For example, people get into fights and one person gets seriously injured. In that situation, that would constitute an aggravated assault. At Ciccarelli Law Officers, we want to speak to our clients and really dig into what happened. For example — what were the motives? How can we minimize or explain the situation? As a result, we know the whole story and can do our best to help your case.

In conclusion, you can have a defense and we can really take the time to delve into your constitutional rights and what needs to be done. We can explain maybe why these serious bodily injuries should not have occurred or they were not your fault. Here at Ciccarelli Law Offices, it is very important to each and every one of us that every aggravated assault is taken on its own merits in what happened and why it happened.

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