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Convicted Former Attorney General Seeks $1 Million in Divorce Case

Convicted Former Attorney General Seeks $1 Million in Divorce Case The Morning Call reported on September 7 that Kathleen Kane, the former Pennsylvania Attorney General who resigned after being convicted of illegally leaking grand jury documents and lying about her actions, filed a petition immediately seeking $1 million from her estranged husband. Kane contends she should receive about $6 million in marital… READ MORE

Inclusion Act Could Exclude Gay Parents

Mike Kelly, United States Representative for Pennsylvania’s 3rd congressional district, introduced the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2017 on April 4, 2017. Kelly was also credited with introducing both the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2015 and Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2014, but neither of those two bills were enacted. Less than one week after Kelly… READ MORE

LGBTQ Adoption for Unmarried Parents

Same-Sex Adoption for Unmarried Couples According to the 2010 Census, approximately 27% of Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ population is raising children. Moreover, according to Allies for Adoption, same-sex couples are four times more likely to be raising an adopted child. Same-sex couples are six times more likely to raise foster children. Considering that there are approximately 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care… READ MORE

Liability after a Ride-Sharing Accident with Uber

Where you need a ride from West Chester PA to Media, or a ride from shopping at the King of Prussia Mall to dinner in Wayne, PA, Uber is starting to be a more common way in both Center City Philly and suburban Philadelphia. Ride-Sharing arrangements, like Lyft and Uber, have become a popular alternative to taxis since the Pennsylvania… READ MORE

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Because of Pennsylvania’s beautiful landscapes, varying terrain, and popular riding routes motorcycle accidents are frequent in the state. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) annual crash statistics, 3,284 motorcycle accidents occurred in 2014. Of these accidents, 184 were fatal. If you were injured in an accident with a motorcycle along Pennsylvania’s many popular riding routes, including PA 944… READ MORE

Sports Waivers and Child Injuries in Pennsylvania: Do I have legal recourse?

Many parents with physically active children want to support that energy by placing them in activities such as sports. As sports have been found to improve youth development and academic achievement, there is also a risk of sports injury, including broken bones, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. To minimize liability, school districts and sports teams often require parents to… READ MORE

Who is Liable in an Accident with a Self-Driving Car?

Self-Driving Cars in Chester County, Pennsylvania  As technology continues to evolve and become increasingly capable of handling complex tasks, car manufacturers and technology companies are in a mad race to develop fully functioning driver-less cars. Companies such as Uber, Ford, and Google have such a huge stake in the development of driverless cars that they have teamed up to create… READ MORE

Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones After Multiple Injuries, Property Damage

Samsung released its Galaxy Note 7 phone in mid-August in hopes of getting a jump on its competitor Apple releasing the latest model of the iPhone. On September 2, Samsung issued a recall of the Note 7 after finding that the batteries of some of the phones exploded while they were charging, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission… READ MORE

Study Reveals Thousands of Drivers Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ While Behind Wheel

‘Pokemon Go’ is a free location-based augmented reality game (a video game that allows players to experience digital gameplay in a real-world environment) that created a worldwide craze when it was released this past July. Players use their mobile devices to locate, capture, battle, or train virtual creatures, and the popularity of the game was not without criticism. Some people… READ MORE

Pennsylvania’s ‘Ride on Red’ Law Takes Effect

Act 101, more commonly known as Pennsylvania’s co-called “Ride on Red” law, went into effect on September 18. The law allows motorists in all types of vehicles to proceed through red lights if traffic-control signals are out of operation or are not functioning properly. The legislation was sponsored by Representative Stephen Bloom of Cumberland County, who sought to change the… READ MORE

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