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Tracey L. Potere


Tracey L. Potere grew up in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and was a graduate of Temple University. She received her Master’s of Science degree in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and her Law degree from Widener Law School. Tracey worked in the mental health field assisting the chronically mentally ill and individuals suffering from addiction.

After graduating Law School she served as an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County for six years where she successfully prosecuted DUI cases, major Felony crimes including murder, assault crimes, white-collar crimes and narcotic violations.

Tracey left the District Attorney’s Office to join a local law firm where she gained valuable experience in domestic law. This varied and extensive experience demonstrates Tracey’s legal expertise as well as her understanding of how to build a strong case through investigation and evidence gathering.  As a prosecutor, Tracey gained attention for our work in high profile cases included but not limited to:

  • Commonwealth v. McAndrews: Murder (F1); McAndrews killed his parents and twin brother with a sword. This was a capitol punishment case. Defendant claimed insanity as defense, he is still being held at the Norristown State Hospital on a competency issue.
  • Commonwealth v. Pallante: Theft (F2): Caretaker stole money from elderly man over the course of a year. He went to trial and a jury found him Guilty.
  • Commonwealth v. Gitney:  Theft (Felony): Chiropractor stole from an elderly man  ( the same victim from the Palate) who had been taken advantage of by other caretakers a few years prior. She absconded to South Korea and I worked with the FBI and Senator Casey to have her returned to the jurisdiction. She pled guilty.
  • Commonwealth v. Giongo: Murder (F1): Man stomped wife to death in front of their seven (7) year old son. He had the child sleep in the house after witnessing his mother’s horrendous death. The child tried to stop the attack and as his mother lay dying she told him “Mommy’s  is dying but she will always love you.” After she died the father put his son to bed and when his eldest son returned home the next day the father left the house and walked to Philadelphia. He pled guilty but mentally ill.
  • Commonwealth v. Pritchard: Theft (F2): An antique dealer, who had been on the Antique Roadhouse t.v. show, preyed upon elderly individuals who needed to sell antiques after a family member had died. He took their items and never gave them any money. They trusted him because he had been on a t.v. show. 

Tracey is part of the criminal defense team at Ciccarelli Law Offices working primarily on criminal defense, juvenile and dui matters.  She also provides critical support and representation in family law, divorce and child custody matters.  

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