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Should I Sign A Medical Authorization Release Form After My Accident?

Posted on January 16th, 2020

In the aftermath of a car accident, you will be claiming compensation against the negligent driver’s insurance carrier (or with yours if you are using no-fault coverage). You will be making many important decisions that could affect the amount of your settlement. One of these decisions will revolve around whether or not you should sign a medical authorization for the release of your medical records. We want to discuss this type of release and how it can be used by the insurance carrier against you.

What is a release of authorization?

How Insurance Companies Can Use a Medical Authorization Release

When an insurance adjuster contacts you shortly after an accident, they are going to make a few things seem urgent and necessary. One of these things will be their insistence that you provide your medical records regarding your injuries in order for your claim to be processed. While this request may seem logical, there is another reason the insurance carrier wants your medical records.

When an insurance adjuster requests your medical records, they are looking for any reason to deny or reduce your claim. One of the things they are looking for is a pre-existing injury to the area injured in the car accident. For example, if your shoulder was injured in the car accident but your medical records show that a work incident also injured that same shoulder two years prior, the insurance adjuster may try to claim the car accident did not cause your injury at all.

Reasons NOT To Sign a Medical Authorization Release

This is the number one reason not to sign an authorization for the release of your medical records to an insurance carrier. However, there are other reasons you do not want to sign a release of your medical records, including:

  • Invasion of privacy. Handing over blanket medical authorization to an insurance carrier is a blatant invasion of your privacy. Medical records contain personal information that have nothing to do with the car crash.
  • Incomplete records. By asking for a release of your medical records soon after an accident, the insurance adjuster knows that the records are not complete. Early on, it is unlikely that your doctor will know the full extent of your injuries. Sometimes it takes months to fully understand how much treatment you will need. While we know that it is important you receive compensation for your medical expenses, having some patience in these cases can pay off in the long run.

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