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A team of Pennsylvania attorneys fighting for you in personal injury, motor vehicle accident, criminal, DUI and family law matters when you need us the most. Ciccarelli Law Offices are Pennsylvania attorneys and counselors at law that represent individuals in civil and criminal litigation issues throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  From the beautiful suburban Philadelphia college town in West Chester PA, there is a team of hardworking, experienced litigators and lawyers determined and passionate about making a difference for their clients when it matters:  Ciccarelli Law Offices.

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Our law firm is located in suburban Philadelphia with our main locations in Chester County at 304 North High Street, West Chester PA 19380. Our firm serves individuals who seek help when facing serious injuries, disability disfigurement or death from personal injury including motor vehicle accidents, as well as nursing home, premises and hospital accidents.  Our lawyers are also experienced in criminal defense cases, DUI defense and juvenile crimes. We have a family law department which represents individuals and their families in family law matters including but not limited to divorce, support, child custody, adoption and mediation issues. Learn more by contacting our Pennsylvania attorneys at (610) 692-8700.

Lee Ciccarelli has been recognized as a Main Line Today Top Lawyer in Personal Injury and Accident Law and a Top Lawyer in Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is rated by AVVO with its highest rating 10.0 (superb). He is recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers Association and received the Ten Best client satisfaction award by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys and was recognized as one of the top 100 litigation attorneys by the American Society of Legal Advocates; and also recognized by the NAFDD as a nationally recognized superior dui attorney.  He has also been voted as a member of Super Lawyers for Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.

Balancing Work Life and Fighting for Justice: How Lee Ciccarelli Works to Provide Exceptional Legal Services

When you’re facing a crisis, such as a personal injury, criminal charges, or family law issues, you need a fighter. Someone who can deliver results quickly and with determination. For most people, this means looking for a lawyer with an aggressive approach, someone who is always available to work hard for you and your family. However, as society shifts towards valuing work-life balance, it can be easy to assume that a lawyer who prioritizes their life outside of work might not have the passion and determination needed to fight for you. Specifically, we’ll look at Lee Ciccarelli’s background and family history to explain his determination, compassion, and boundless energy for his clients.

Lee Ciccarelli’s passion and drive stem from his family history and background. Even at an early age, he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in law and use his skills to help those in need. However, it was his family’s own experiences with legal struggles that truly ignited a passion within him. With this foundation, Lee chose to start his own law firm that focuses on delivering exceptional legal services to clients facing similar challenges.

Lee’s background also informs his approach to work-life balance. As a family man himself, he knows how important it is to balance work and family commitments. However, he believes that this balance doesn’t have to come at the cost of delivering top-quality legal services. Instead, he has found that prioritizing balance is essential for maintaining the energy and determination required to be an effective advocate. This approach allows him to bring his whole self to his work, resulting in better outcomes for his clients.

While it’s understandable to think that an aggressive approach is necessary for an effective lawyer, it’s important to consider the benefits of a balanced approach. As a team leader at his law firm, Lee has proved that a balance of work and life can significantly impact outcomes. By fostering a culture of respect and balance, his team operates from a place of renewed energy, creativity, and confidence. This approach ensures that every client receives the high-quality legal support they need to move forward in their case.

Additionally, Lee’s focus on balance has allowed him to be more accessible to his clients. He recognizes the challenges that come with navigating a legal crisis and understands the importance of being available to clients during this time. By prioritizing balance, he can provide flexible and accommodating service. Whether clients need to schedule meetings around family commitments or communicate outside of work hours, Lee ensures that his clients always feel heard and supported.

By prioritizing balance, Lee Ciccarelli has distinguished himself as a passionate and effective advocate for his clients. His experiences with his own family’s legal struggles have given him the knowledge and drive to fight for his clients. His focus on balance has allowed him to maintain the energy and creativity required for high-quality work while also being accessible to his clients. So when you need a fighter in your corner, consider working with Lee Ciccarelli and his team at Ciccarelli Law Offices.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney Who Prioritizes Your Needs

When it comes to legal matters, it’s crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side who can help you navigate the complex and often confusing legal system. However, not all lawyers are created equal, and it’s important to carefully consider who you choose to represent you. One factor that many people overlook when hiring an attorney is whether or not they prioritize their clients’ needs over their own personal life. It is essential to hire an attorney who puts their clients first and how this can impact the outcome of your case.

Your Case Deserves Undivided Attention

When you hire an attorney, you’re entrusting them with a significant personal or professional matter. This may include anything from a criminal defense case to a family law dispute. When your attorney is more focused on their private life than your case, they may not be able to give it the attention and care it deserves. A distracted and overworked attorney may miss vital details, make mistakes, or fail to properly prepare for court, causing significant damage to your case.

Your Timely Access is Crucial 

Legal matters can be time-sensitive. Whether you’re dealing with a criminal case or a contract dispute, delays can often lead to unfavorable outcomes. If your attorney is more focused on their work-life balance than your case, you may find it difficult to obtain timely access to them. This can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially when you’re relying on them to provide guidance and counsel. The best attorneys prioritize their clients and make themselves available as needed when their clients have questions, concerns, or issues.

Communication is Essential 

In any attorney-client relationship, communication is key. You need to be able to discuss important issues concerning your case, ask questions, and receive updates on your case’s progress. If your attorney isn’t prioritizing your needs, they may not be communicating with you as frequently or accurately as they should be. This can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and even distrust between you and your attorney. The best attorneys make clear and open communication a top priority with their clients.

A Strong Work Ethic leads to Better Outcomes

When your attorney is focused on their work-life balance over your case, it can lead to lackluster results. A competent and hardworking attorney will be more likely to put in the extra effort and attention to detail necessary to achieve a positive outcome. They will take the time to study your case thoroughly, explore all potential angles, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results. Conversely, an attorney who is not as committed to their work may miss important details or fail to put in the necessary effort to achieve a positive outcome for their client.

If you’re in need of an attorney, it’s important to choose one that prioritizes your needs, communicates effectively, and is willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. A qualified attorney with a strong work ethic and a dedication to their clients can make all the difference in your case. When your attorney puts your needs first, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you’re in good hands. Make sure to carefully consider your options and choose an attorney you know you can trust.

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“You gain the resources of a Team with over 100 years of combined experience fighting for their clients throughout Pennsylvania to get them the justice and best results they need in personal injury, accident, criminal defense and family law matters.”

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense & Injury Accident Attorneys

Learning Whether You Need Legal Advice & Counsel

We live in a time where many people question whether they need a lawyer or are simply flustered by finding the right lawyer for them. In today’s world, there is no shortage of self-help books and do it yourself legal advice counseling that you can find on the web or on a google search.

But is information wisdom? Our team brings their advocacy, aggressiveness and experience to fight to get the best possible outcome and results, whether it be at trial in West Chester; a district magisterial judge in Downingtown, a Domestic Relations hearing or the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia?

Whether we are at work in our offices in the heart of Chester County or in court throughout the greater Philadelphia area, we think of ourselves as attorneys and counselors at law. A good part of our day is speaking to individuals and providing initial legal advice and counseling; help; assisting them and providing guidance on whether they need legal representation and how we might help them. If you are unsure, then it only makes sense to reach out for help and advice. It is as easy as sending us an Email Inquiry or picking up your phone and calling (610) 692-8700 or toll free (877) 529-2422.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

Our Personal Injury and Automobile Accident Practice helps individuals and their families who have been seriously injured in Pennsylvania due to another’s negligence. Our personal injury practice also fights for individuals who were injured at work, in construction related accidents and with workers compensation issues. Please talk to one of our experienced accident attorneys if you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or any other kind of personal injury action. We offer a free initial consultation and accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

We are Automobile Accident Attorneys for the state of Pennsylvania who represent individuals that have been injured in a car, motor vehicle accident, motorcycle or tractor trailer accident on the state’s roads and highways, who are in need of an experienced personal injury attorney that will fight for their right to get medical benefits, just financial compensation, and life planning services.

We are Automobile Accident Attorneys for the state of Pennsylvania who represent individuals that have been injured in a car, motor vehicle accident, motorcycle or tractor trailer accident on the state’s roads and highways, who are in need of an experienced personal injury attorney that will fight for their right to get medical benefits, just financial compensation, and life planning services.


Our practice fights for you and your family when it matters after you or a loved one has been seriously or catastrophically injured in an accident that should not have happened but did because of the negligence or carelessness of an individual or business; whether it occurred and however:  on the road, at work, in a hospital or nursing home.  If you need a dedicated team of experienced accident lawyers, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.  We are the West Chester Pennsylvania Injury & Accident Lawyers experienced and ready to help you and your family.  Free consult.  Contingency Fee.


We defend the accused in Pennsylvania and take pride in fighting for clients’ rights and understanding our clients’ crisis after they have been accused of Pennsylvania criminal charges.  Our practice team is experienced in defending criminal charges, criminal complaints and criminal arrests; traffic, speeding and other moving violations; charges of DUI and drunk driving as well as probation violation matters, juvenile and student crimes, underage drinking, retail theft, forgery, assault cases, domestic violence, drug arrests, marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges, criminal record expungement and pardon cases. We represent clients in the greater Philadelphia metro area and throughout Pennsylvania and we are based in Chester County PA.


We represents our clients in Family Court for divorce matters, mediation, support, custody, alimony, protection from abuse, adoption as well as parental termination issues. Our West Chester Pennsylvania Divorce practice is primarily focused on handling Chester County Divorces, Custody and Family Law matters, though this office also handles domestic violence and pfa matters all throughout the state.

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The lawyers on our team have extensive backgrounds and fight for individuals' rights in personal injury, criminal defense and family law litigation.

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Our law offices were founded in West Chester, Chester County Pennsylvania. Chester County is a pivotal location connecting the metropolitan Philadelphia area with Harrisburg, Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. Chester County is one of the three original counties and West Chester is the county seat. Our firm is located in the center of West Chester near the Chester County Courthouse or Chester County Justice Center, as it is officially called, located at 201 West Market Street, West Chester PA 19382.

The Chester County Justice Center is where you will often find one of our attorneys, as it is the venue of criminal, civil and domestic hearings. It is the home of a magisterial district court, the Chester County Court of Common Pleas trial judges and the Chester County Domestic Relations Office.

Lawyers ready to take on your crisis almost anywhere in Pennsylvania   Lee and our team are experienced throughout Pennsylvania fighting for our clients.   Whether it be in the greater Philadelphia metro area and the suburban counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware & Montgomery Counties; Central Pennsylvania including Dauphin, Lancaster, York, Berks and Cumberland, and Lebanon Counties; Lee’s hometurf in North Central Pennsylvania including Lycoming, Centre, Clinton, Montour, Union & Northumberland as well as western Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh metro area.

Our legal professionals are devoted and passionate about helping clients throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania – serving those in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Downingtown, West Chester, Coatesville, Exton, Chester Springs, Chadds Ford, Landenberg, Honey Brook, Oxford, Malvern, Parkesburg, Phoenixville and Paoli. Contact our attorneys for a free case evaluation at (610) 692-8700 or call toll free (877) 529-2422.

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Suffering a personal injury from an accident can be a life-changing event. Whether it is at work, at someone else's house, at your favorite store, or any other location, you deserve compensation if you were injured because of someone else's negligence.

Personal injury cases are unfortunately quite common because of the number of incidents this sector of law includes. As someone defending people hurt because of someone else’s actions, it is important to have knowledge that extends to all these areas. We help Pennsylvania citizens who have suffered injuries because of a wide variety of accidents.

Parts of a personal injury lawsuit

There are many conditions that must be satisfied to succeed with a personal injury lawsuit. First, you need proof that your injury is significant enough for you to be eligible to file a suit. Go to the doctor’s office and have them look at your injury. Not only will this get you treatment, it will also help if you decide to file a claim, as medical records or bills are strong pieces of evidence that will help your case.

If you choose to pursue a lawsuit, find the right personal injury attorney. You need a Pennsylvania accident attorney who will offer dedicated and determined support. At Ciccarelli, we have 100 years of combined experience in injury and accident law. We can analyze your injury and the incident and begin to craft a course of action for your case.

After you and your personal injury lawyer have filed, you begin the discovery process. This involves reviewing the case and looking over the other’s party’s claim. During this step, your injury attorney will obtain important documents and take depositions from witnesses or any other relevant professionals. This step generally lasts six months to a year.

Once the discovery period is over, the attorneys will begin negotiating. It is usually preferable to settle a case outside of court because it is less expensive, less time consuming, and less traumatic. Your attorneys will do their best to reach a compromise and end the process before going to trial. If the attorneys are unable to reach a deal that both clients accept, the case goes to trial. This can be a difficult and lengthy process. A qualified accident attorney will not only be prepared to stand trial but present an adequate history of trial experience.

We will learn everything we can about you; your background, and anything that could help strengthen your claim. We know all the rules about Pennsylvania court and filing a personal injury case, so you can be sure that we will operate effectively under Pennsylvania law.”

Why do you need a personal injury attorney

The best accident lawyer for you can help you navigate the complications and intricacies of a personal injury case. Each state and even many counties enact specific laws, and the right accident attorney will be familiar with legislation and the steps facing such laws.

There is endless information on the web and in books about law and legal proceedings. However, no amount of reading will give you the personal touch and knowledge of a Ciccarelli attorney. We can help explain and advise on every single step of your case, making sure that you always understand and are completely satisfied with the process.

We have attorneys who specialize in many different areas of law and help people throughout Pennsylvania, because we strive to help as many people as we can with our practice.

Your personal injury claim is a serious matter and we understand that. No matter how aggressive the defendant is, we will fight for you to get the compensation and resolve that you deserve. Contact Ciccarelli if you need legal advice or experienced representation.

“Lee and his team were fantastic to work with… I would highly recommend Ciccarelli Law Offices based on my experiences.”

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