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Wedlocked: The Issue of Same-Sex Divorce Ineligibility in Pennsylvania

The process of divorce is different for someone who has obtained a same-sex marriage or civil union in a state that permits them. Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions, so if you and your spouse are of the same gender, married or civilly joined in one or more states that allow it, and are seeking a divorce,… READ MORE

Pursuing a Mutual Consent Divorce in Pennsylvania

Life happens. Divorce isn’t something anyone looks to have happen when they get married, but circumstances arise and it may be unavoidable. However, understanding your options could make it a little easier to get through. Pennsylvania offers divorce under two No-Fault grounds: 1)      mutual consent, which happens when the spouses agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken and 90 days… READ MORE

Filing for Child Support in Pennsylvania

Child support is an obligation each parent has for his child. Pennsylvania expects that each parent will meet this obligation by adjusting his other expenditures. If you live in Chester County and need to file for child support, you may go to the Domestic Relation Office in the Chester County Courthouse.  Applications are accepted between the hours of 8:30 am and 2:00 pm… READ MORE

How Pennsylvania Family Courts Award Alimony

There is alimony in Pennsylvania.  However, there is no entitlement to alimony and it is awarded at the discretion of the Court.  There are 17 factors that a Court is required to consider when determining whether or not to award alimony. The relative earnings and earning capacities of the parties. The ages and the physical, mental and emotional conditions of… READ MORE

Why do People Still File At-Fault Divorces?

Relationships are not always easy, and once you are married things can be even harder. Couples can be faced with major life decisions, financial problems, the stress of children or simply growing apart. In a large portion of marriages, the partners decide divorce is the best option. Divorce can be a grueling process, no matter the situation. Even if the… READ MORE

Custody Issues in Central Pennsylvania

Custody disputes can turn very ugly, very quickly.  Anytime there is a child involved there can be very serious and extreme feelings of anger and resentment towards the parties.  Allow our Family Law Attorneys, with experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Berks Counties, to represent you today and make those uncomfortable family matter more bearable. In Pennsylvania, a custody… READ MORE

Options Enforcing a Custody Order

When an individual is awarded alimony, it has been determined by the court of law, that he or she has been left in need of financial support after a divorce. The purpose of the alimony is to help stabilize the individual’s life, and ensure that he or she is in a healthy financial situation. In Pennsylvania, judges use a variety of factors… READ MORE

Gray Divorce: Divorce for Spouses over the Age of 50 on the Rise

While divorce at any age can be emotionally and financially devastating, divorce for those over the age of 50 can be especially difficult. Unlike younger married couples, older divorcees must consider the devastating consequences for retirement. Often these couples have been married for twenty or more years and have substantial assets and debts between them. Commonly, in divorces with older… READ MORE

Ciccarelli Law Office Lawyers Named Top Family Lawyers 2016 in SuburbanLife Magazine

Ciccarelli Law Offices is featured in the February 2016 issue of SuburbanLife, a series of monthly magazines in Bucks, Montogomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties. SuburbanLife highlights the attorneys’ at Ciccarelli Law Offices dedication to their clients and recognizes Attorneys Michelle Power and Ryan W.C. Buchanan as Top Family Lawyers 2016. Founder, Lee Ciccarelli, describes the firm’s motivation behind their work. “In areas… READ MORE

Convicted Former Attorney General Seeks $1 Million in Divorce Case

Convicted Former Attorney General Seeks $1 Million in Divorce Case The Morning Call reported on September 7 that Kathleen Kane, the former Pennsylvania Attorney General who resigned after being convicted of illegally leaking grand jury documents and lying about her actions, filed a petition immediately seeking $1 million from her estranged husband. Kane contends she should receive about $6 million in marital… READ MORE

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