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Attempted Homicide Charges Dropped in Delaware County Case

Attorney Lee Ciccarelli was successful in negotiating a dismissal of Attempted Homicide charges against a Philadelphia man who was accused of conspiring with two alleged co-defendants to break into a Boothwyn, Delaware County pharmacy and then attempt to kill responding police officers.  Our client and a  second co-conspirator allegedly fled the scene on foot following the arrival of multiple police… READ MORE

Sealing a Protection From Abuse Order in Pennsylvania

We all deserve to move on from an unfortunate or fragile past.  We all deserve to move on and not relive a hostile, emotional driven and bitter divorce or breakup.  For so long, a Protection from Abuse Order remained a matter of public record even in circumstances where the parties agreed to a consent decree where there was no finding… READ MORE

Mistaken Identity Defenses

One of the most important types of evidence to come into play in a criminal case is eyewitness identification of a suspect. However, human memory is more fallible than most people realize, and an eyewitness may forget crucial details of an event soon after it occurs. Mistaken identity can and does happen on a regular basis, when individuals face accusations… READ MORE

Is it Legal for Police to Search Your Car?

Every American citizen has inalienable rights and Constitutional Rights. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects American citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. However, the police have a duty to protect the public and investigate criminal activity. In some situations, the police may have the authority to search a driver’s car. However, the police must establish clear reasonable cause… READ MORE

Sex Offender Expungement Laws in Pennsylvania

When a person commits a sexually-related offense, state law will often require the individual to register as a sex offender for a specific amount of time. A less serious charge may only result in short-term registration, but more serious sex offenses may require registration for several years or even for life. If an individual has the opportunity to expunge sex… READ MORE

Pennsylvania Property Division Laws in a Divorce

If you or your spouse recently filed for divorce, a discussion regarding the division of property is upcoming. States have differing laws when it comes to dividing property and the application of those laws can differ depending on the case as well. Have you taken the time to become informed when it comes to Pennsylvania property laws? Community Property or… READ MORE

How Do I Get My Criminal Records Sealed?

If you have a criminal record and are actively seeking employment, professional licensing, or housing, you may find it difficult to proceed. Despite regulations stating some employers may not consider certain arrest records as a factor against employment, other employers do not fall into those guidelines. Is there a way to seal your records so others cannot use the information… READ MORE

Do Arrests Show Up on Background Checks?

If you are in the job market, you have probably already filled out a number of applications. You may be wondering whether your prior arrests will show up on background checks, and just how to go about filling out these applications. This quick guide to Pennsylvania criminal background check laws will answer your questions. If you need additional assistance, please… READ MORE

Making Going to Rehab Easier in Pennsylvania

An alarming headline has been circulating as we settle into the new year; there is now a higher likelihood of dying from an opioid overdose than from dying in a car accident. The National Safety Council estimates that the average American has a 1 in 96 chance or dying from an opioid overdose compared to a 1 in 103 chance… READ MORE

Could Pennsylvania Make Record Sealing Automatic?

Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 166, otherwise known as “Act 5 of 2016,” last February and the bill took effect that November. Act 5 amended Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to allow individuals who have served their punishment and remained free of arrest, prosecution, or conviction for 10 years following misdemeanor convictions to petition the court for… READ MORE

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