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What is a State Intermediate Punishment in Pennsylvania?

State Intermediate Punishment is a form of sentencing for non-violent offenders available as an alternative to straight prison time. SIP is primarily a program for offenders convicted of drug- and alcohol-related offenses. The state views SIP inmates having committed crimes motivated their consumption or addiction to drugs and alcohol. The program excludes violent offenders and sex offenders, including any offenders… READ MORE

Is Hearsay Admissible as Evidence in My Criminal Trial?

In order to understand if hearsay is admissible as against you in a criminal trial, it is important to understand what hearsay is. A witness is testifying about something he or she heard or read from someone else, not something he or she directly witnessed. The courts generally avoid using second hand, out-of-court statements as evidence due to the inherent… READ MORE

Six Figure Compensation in Dog Bite Injury

A Chester County citizen was severely injured in June of 2016 after being assault by a pitbull and sough legal advice to help her get the medical treatment she needed and compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the inaction of the vicious dog’s owners and the negligent supervision of her landlord.  Her severe injuries included damage to her… READ MORE

Pennsylvania Trespassing Laws

Trespassing refers to someone who does not have permission to enter your property entering and/or remaining on the premises. Trespassing is a criminal offense in Pennsylvania that can result in serious penalties. If you have experienced issues with a trespasser, learn your rights and legal options under state law. The city may file criminal charges against the intruder. You could… READ MORE

Attempted Homicide Charges Dropped in Delaware County Case

Attorney Lee Ciccarelli was successful in negotiating a dismissal of Attempted Homicide charges against a Philadelphia man who was accused of conspiring with two alleged co-defendants to break into a Boothwyn, Delaware County pharmacy and then attempt to kill responding police officers.  Our client and a  second co-conspirator allegedly fled the scene on foot following the arrival of multiple police… READ MORE

Sealing a Protection From Abuse Order in Pennsylvania

We all deserve to move on from an unfortunate or fragile past.  We all deserve to move on and not relive a hostile, emotional driven and bitter divorce or breakup.  For so long, a Protection from Abuse Order remained a matter of public record even in circumstances where the parties agreed to a consent decree where there was no finding… READ MORE

Making Going to Rehab Easier in Pennsylvania

An alarming headline has been circulating as we settle into the new year; there is now a higher likelihood of dying from an opioid overdose than from dying in a car accident. The National Safety Council estimates that the average American has a 1 in 96 chance or dying from an opioid overdose compared to a 1 in 103 chance… READ MORE

Abuse by Catholic Priests and the Statute of Limitations

Pennsylvania has become the epicenter of renewed outrage over alleged sexual abuse by catholic priests across the country. David Poulson, a former Pennsylvania priest, was sentenced last week to 14 years in prison for his abuse of an altar boy and the attempted abuse of another boy. Poulson may be one of only a few that are actually brought to… READ MORE

Mistaken Identity Defenses

One of the most important types of evidence to come into play in a criminal case is eyewitness identification of a suspect. However, human memory is more fallible than most people realize, and an eyewitness may forget crucial details of an event soon after it occurs. Mistaken identity can and does happen on a regular basis, when individuals face accusations… READ MORE

Is it Legal for Police to Search Your Car?

Every American citizen has inalienable rights and Constitutional Rights. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects American citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. However, the police have a duty to protect the public and investigate criminal activity. In some situations, the police may have the authority to search a driver’s car. However, the police must establish clear reasonable cause… READ MORE

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