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We are dedicated Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers ready to be your advocate when you are facing investigation or criminal prosecution. Based in in West Chester PA in Chester County and the greater Philadelphia metro region we are ready, able and impassioned to fight for your freedom, your family, and your reputation when you need it the most.

When you are sitting in the back seat of the police car, hands cuffed behind you, thoughts go racing through your mind. Will you be going to jail? What will this mean for your job? Your family? Your finances? Your future?  What to do if you are facing charges in West Chester PA or anywhere in Pennsylvania?

There is good reason to worry. Even minor criminal charges can result in time behind bars, and nearly all convictions have hefty fines. The charges will be on your criminal record, and some, like sexual offenses, carry a lifetime of stigma. But you don’t have to face this situation alone. You can have an entire team of dedicated attorneys fighting for you?

We understand your anguish, fear, and the stress you or a loved one are experiencing. We will help you do everything legally possible to get you the best possible results. Be certain of your attorney’s competence, reputation, expertise, and experience as a Chester County criminal defense lawyer. Our firm is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania and we serve clients and their family members who are in need of legal advice and strong representation.

We understand your anguish, fear, and the stress you or a loved one are experiencing. We will help you do everything legally possible to get you the best possible results. Be certain of your attorney’s competence, reputation, expertise, and experience as a Chester County criminal defense lawyer. Our firm is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania and we serve clients and their family members who are in need of legal advice and strong representation.

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

At Ciccarelli Law Offices, our team of criminal defense lawyers are able to represent cases involving federal felonies and misdemeanors, including but not limited to the following:

Our Chester County criminal defense lawyers use a team approach to representing those facing criminal charges in Southeastern Philadelphia, including Downingtown, Exton, and Coatesville. Instead of relying on just one attorney, you will have an entire group putting their heads together to determine the best criminal defense strategy for your Pennsylvania charges. We will fight for your rights and seek for your charges to be reduced or dismissed. Call us today at (610) 692-8700 to set up a free consultation to discuss your criminal charges.

We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania including but not limited to West Chester, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Lancaster, Kennett Square, Radnor, Plymouth Square, and Malvern. We serve clients throughout the greater Philadelphia area, including in Bucks County, Berks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, and Delaware County.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Approach Your Case

Lee Ciccarelli, the founder of Ciccarelli Law Offices, has practiced law in Pennsylvania for more than two decades. He is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those whose liberty is on the line when they face criminal accusations. He brings his years of experience to that fight and seeks the best results for all his clients.

Lee Ciccarelli leads a team of aggressive lawyers who work together to build the strongest possible defense. At Ciccarelli Law Offices, we believe two heads are always better than one when it comes to putting together the most creative and most effective strategy. All of our attorneys are dedicated to looking out for your best interests, and we are tenacious, zealous advocates for those who turn to us.

Our Criminal Defense Attorney in Chester County Will Handle Your Entire Case for You 

You have a lot to face when you are charged with a criminal act. At that moment, you know that there is a lot on the line and that there are countless instances in which you need to take very quick action to get results. Let the Chester County criminal defense lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices help you with every step of the process.

Once you hire us as your criminal defense team, we will gain access to all of the data available while you gain access to all of the resources we can offer. Some of the most important steps that we take are the following:

  • We listen to what you are facing and gather as much information from you as possible. Often, the information you present may have valuable details that can prove your innocence. We want to maximize that.
  • We collect all evidence that could reveal civil rights violations or any type of abuse that you have encountered that you should not have. We fight tirelessly to protect your rights.
  • Our team will then help you by remaining by your side through all police interviews, preliminary hearings, and other matters in front of the court or other parties.
  • We file motions that will help you to remain at home while you are waiting for trial when that is possible and allowable under law.
  • We will work to have the charges dropped when possible based on the evidence that we can present, including evidence of police misconduct.
  • Our team handles the interviewing of characters and eyewitnesses, uncovering the full truth of what has happened.

Our work does not stop there. As we wait for the trial to come, we continue to meet with you to gather more information and to keep you up to date. Often, we can negotiate a plea agreement if that is the best outcome for you. We will always follow the instructions you provide to us, but we will provide you with our opinion on what you can expect throughout this process.

When the time comes to go to court, our criminal defense attorney remains by your side. We will do all we can to eliminate the risk that you make a statement or share information that could violate your rights or cause any advantage to the other side. Our goal is to dismantle the prosecution’s case, and we do that with passion right in front of the jury.

No matter the type of charge you face, or the crime, we are here to help you fight the charges. You can put your trust in our team to ensure your rights are protected at all times.

Your Case Is Unique – You Need a Unique Attorney

Every criminal defense case is unique in terms of what needs to be done to prove your innocence and fight for your rights. You are far more than just a case number to us. We learn about you, we become a part of your family, and we continue to work to support you even in the most challenging of situations. It is that passion and dedication that allows our legal team to continuously stand out when we fight to protect our client’s rights.

How Your Life Can Change if Convicted of a Crime

Your life can change drastically if you are convicted of a crime, whether you committed it or not. Our job as a criminal defense attorney is to present all of the facts as thoroughly as possible so that we can secure a dismissal of the charges. Before your case goes to court, we will work to have the charges reduced or dropped. A criminal conviction can hinder your ability to do a lot of things in life, some of which are explained below.

The Inability to Rent a Place to Live

Many property owners conduct background checks on possible tenants before signing a lease to rent their property. This can be problematic if you have been convicted of a crime. Your conviction will ultimately show up on a background check. If the crime is a low-level offense, it might not impact your housing options. However, a higher-level offense, such as a felony, can make it very difficult for you to secure housing.

The Ability to Find Employment

One of the most common ways in which a criminal conviction can impact your life is the ability to find employment. Almost every type of job out there today requires a background check. A conviction that shows up on the report will often lead to you being denied a job offer. Many companies make offers to potential employees based on the results of the background check, so it could be a contingent offer. That contingent offer can then be revoked if you have a conviction on your record.

Loss of Family and Friends

There is a stigma that comes with being convicted of a crime. Even some of the most minor offenses can cause family members and friends to stop being involved in your life. While not everyone convicted of a crime sees their family and friends back away, it is increasingly difficult to keep them in your life should you have a felony conviction on your record. 

The Loss of Your Driver’s License

To make matters worse, your driver’s license could be suspended or even revoked for certain felony convictions. This not only makes finding employment nearly impossible, but it might also put a major strain on personal relationships. Constantly having to rely on family and friends for rides to doctor’s appointments, the store, or to work (if you find it), can force them to stop talking to you.

Do not let a criminal charge turn your life upside down. Talk to the experienced Chester County criminal defense lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices today about your situation. We will do everything possible to present the evidence in your case in a light that best represents who you are so that the charges can either be reduced or dropped.

Our Job As Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorneys

Under the American principles of justice, it is the responsibility of the government to prove their case to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction against the person it is accusing of a crime. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” means jurors have what is referred to as a “moral certainty” in which the only logical explanation based on the facts is the alleged offender committed the crime in question.

The prosecution must prove this same standard for every element of its case. Criminal charges have multiple elements, often including a “mens rea,” or guilty state of mind. For example, when a person is charged with possession with intent to deliver, prosecutors must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged offender not only had actual or constructive possession of an illegal substance, but also intended to sell, distribute or manufacture it. Failure to prove either of these elements beyond a reasonable doubt means the jury must acquit or declare the alleged offender not guilty.

This is a very difficult standard to prove. But prosecutors in Chester County and the surrounding areas do it every day of the week. It’s vital that you are prepared to fight the specific criminal accusations you are facing.

What To Look For In A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime in Pennsylvania can be a frightening experience. When you are in trouble with the law, one of the most important decisions you need to make is hiring a criminal defense lawyer to represent you. However, not all criminal defense lawyers are created equal. One of the most important factors to consider is whether the lawyer you are hiring has actual criminal defense jury trial experience. It is important to hire a lawyer with trial experience is important, and what questions you should ask before hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania.

Why Trial Experience Matters

Trial experience is crucial when it comes to choosing the right criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer who can take your case to trial and who has extensive experience in doing so will be much more effective in representing you than an attorney who has never set foot in a courtroom. A trial lawyer will know the ins and outs of the trial process, including how to develop a strong defense strategy, how to cross-examine witnesses, and how to argue persuasively before a jury. They will also be able to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and develop a sound strategy that gives you the best chance of success.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

When you are considering a criminal defense lawyer, it is important to ask them about their trial experience. You should find out how many cases they have taken to trial, what types of cases they have tried, and what their success rate has been. It is also important to find out how the lawyer approaches trial preparation, including how they prepare witnesses and evidence, and what their philosophy is on cross-examination and closing arguments. Finally, you should ask the lawyer to explain their overall strategy for your case, and how they plan to use their trial experience to help you get the best possible outcome.

The Importance of Local Experience

In addition to having trial experience, it is also important to choose a lawyer who has specific experience in the local court system. Each county in Pennsylvania has its own procedures, rules, and personalities, and knowing how to navigate these complexities can be critical to obtaining a successful outcome in your case. A lawyer who has spent years practicing within a particular county will have an advantage over an outsider, as they will be familiar with the quirks and nuances of the local court system.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

When you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, there are a few red flags to watch out for. Be wary of lawyers who make extreme promises or guarantees, as no lawyer can predict the outcome of a trial with certainty. Also, be wary of lawyers who are reluctant to take your case to trial and instead prefer to settle. While it is true that most criminal cases do not go to trial, you want a lawyer who is prepared and willing to take your case to trial if necessary.


When it comes to choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania, trial experience matters. A lawyer with extensive trial experience will know how to develop a strong defense strategy, navigate the local court system, and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer, make sure to ask them about their trial experience, their success rate, and their overall approach to trial preparation. Also, be sure to choose a lawyer who has specific experience in the local court system and avoid lawyers who make extreme promises or are reluctant to take your case to trial. With the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can be confident that you are getting the legal representation you need to protect your rights and secure your freedom.


We will learn everything we can about you; your background, and anything that could help strengthen your claim. We know all the rules about Pennsylvania court and filing a personal injury case, so you can be sure that we will operate effectively under Pennsylvania law.”

When you retain the experienced and dedicated attorneys at Ciccarelli Law Offices, you don’t simply retain a criminal defense attorney – you retain an experienced team of lawyers who are committed to working together for you.  We are based in West Chester PA and represent the accused in cases throughout Pennsylvania. Our defense attorneys have a combined experience of 100 years successfully representing Pennsylvania clients in virtually every type of criminal case. We represent individuals vigorously, with individual attention and a passionate respect for due process, through each stage and every aspect of your case.

Is Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer A Risk?

If you are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering whether it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer with no jury trial experience in defending criminal defendants. After all, your freedom, reputation, and future are at stake, and you want to give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome. What are the risks and benefits of hiring a lawyer with no jury trial experience defending clients and getting acquittals?

On the one hand, it is always wise to hire a lawyer with experience in your particular legal matter. Criminal defense is a complex area of law that requires a deep understanding of both the law and the criminal justice system. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will have extensive knowledge of the nuances of the law and how the system operates. They will also be familiar with the judges and prosecutors in your area, which can be valuable in negotiating a plea bargain or presenting a case in court.

On the other hand, jury trial experience is not necessarily the most critical factor to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Many lawyers who have never tried a case before a jury are still excellent defense attorneys. These lawyers may have specialized in other areas of criminal law or have focused on negotiating plea bargains and settlements instead of going to trial. Hiring a lawyer with little or no jury trial experience does not necessarily mean that you are putting your case in jeopardy.

One critical factor to consider when choosing a criminal defense lawyer is their ability to communicate effectively with you and your team. You want a lawyer who can explain complex legal concepts in a way that you can understand and who can answer your questions clearly. A skilled litigator may be an excellent negotiator, but if they cannot communicate with you in a meaningful way, they may not be the right lawyer for your case.

Another important consideration is their track record of success. While past results are not a guarantee of future success, a proven track record of winning cases is a good indication that a lawyer knows how to build a strong defense and is not afraid to take a case to trial if necessary.

Finally, you must feel comfortable working with your lawyer. Criminal defense cases can drag on for months or even years, and you will likely be working closely with your lawyer throughout the entire process. You want a lawyer who is responsive to your needs and who will keep you informed of important developments in your case.

In conclusion, hiring a lawyer without jury trial experience in Pennsylvania does not necessarily mean that you are taking on unnecessary risks. While trial experience is undoubtedly a valuable asset for any defense attorney, there are other factors to consider when choosing your legal representation. Ultimately, the best lawyer for your case is someone who can communicate with you effectively, has a proven track record of success, and with whom you feel comfortable working. Take the time to research potential lawyers carefully, ask the right questions, and trust your instincts when making your final decision.

How Our Criminal Defense Team Can Help

When you or your family is in crisis and facing the prospect of a live impacting criminal prosecution, you deserve a team of lawyers that care about you and your family as well as the outcome of your case.  Of course, it is important that you have good communication with your legal team and have a thoughtful and thorough understanding of the Commonwealth’s case and your possible defense strategies.  Remember, expectations are an important part of any consequential legal battle and it is important,

How to Find the Best Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, it’s vital to have the best possible representation in court. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. With so many lawyers out there, how can you determine who is the best one for your case?

  1. Look for experience: When it comes to criminal defense law, experience counts. You need a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system, has a track record of success in similar cases, and can navigate the complexities of your case. Look for a lawyer who has been practicing criminal law for years and has a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.  Are you looking for a West Chester PA criminal attorney who has actually gotten cases dismissed and won “Not Guilty” results?
  2. Check their credentials: To qualify as a criminal defense lawyer, a person must be licensed to practice law. However, not all licenses are equal. Check that your potential lawyer has a valid license in Pennsylvania and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Also, look for other credentials such as certifications, awards, or memberships in relevant professional organizations to ensure that the lawyer has the necessary knowledge and skills to represent you.
  3. Consider their communication skills: Communication is key when it comes to working with a criminal defense lawyer. You need a lawyer who is a good listener, can explain complex legal concepts in plain language, and is available to answer your questions and concerns. During your initial consultation, pay attention to how the lawyer treats you, whether they seem interested in your case, and whether you feel comfortable working with them.
  4. Check their track record: A lawyer’s success rate in getting Not Guilty and Acquittals is a vital factor in determining their effectiveness. Check with previous clients or look for online reviews to see whether the lawyer has a good reputation and a history of achieving positive results in criminal defense cases. Keep in mind that not all cases are the same, and some outcomes are beyond the lawyer’s control, but a successful track record can indicate competence and reliability. Is a former prosecutor’s success at getting convictions the same as an experienced defense attorney’s record of getting Not Guilty and Dismissal for his clients the same thing?
  5. Ask about their fees: Finally, while cost should not be the only factor in your decision, it’s essential to consider the lawyer’s fees. Criminal defense cases can be expensive, and you want to make sure that you’re getting value for your money. Ask for a clear breakdown of their fees, including hourly rates, charges for services such as court appearances or document preparation, and any other expenses. Some lawyers are willing to negotiate fees or offer payment plans, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Choosing the best Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer for your case can be a challenging process, but by following these guidelines, you can ensure that you are working with a qualified and effective legal professional. Remember to look for experience, credentials, communication skills, track record, and fees, and then make an informed decision. By selecting the right lawyer, you can significantly increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your case. Good luck!


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Strong Defense

Because You deserve a lawyer that is available when you need it

Pennsylvania Attorney | Lee Ciccarelli

The defendant, or person being accused, does not have to prove anything unless making an affirmative defense, like self-defense or insanity. However, that doesn’t mean the defense has no role—far from it. In fact, having a strong defense often makes the difference between whether you will be free at the end of the proceedings or going to prison.

Your defense attorney will carefully review the case against you, find every hole in that case, and show the jury all reasons for reasonable doubt. The reasonable doubt may lie in inconsistent testimony of the witnesses against you, physical evidence that is little more than circumstantial, or evidence based on science with a spotty record.

For instance, domestic violence charges may be based on allegations that are false or exaggerated. Your lawyer will vigorously cross-examine the witnesses against you to expose the inconsistencies in their testimony. If there is any doubt that the witnesses are not telling the truth, the jury should find you not guilty.

Our team approach at Ciccarelli Law Offices ensures you will have multiple sets of eyes reviewing the allegations, looking for the smallest crack that can be exploited for your defense.

Ciccarelli Law Offices are staunch advocates for the preservation of constitutional rights before, during and after an arrest. Our reputation for successful defense strategy and tactics coupled with one-one-one client interaction makes us the Pennsylvania defense attorneys of choice for individuals facing serious felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.   We are experienced, aggressive, impassioned defense attorneys serving clients throughout Pennsylvania who have been wrongful accused and who need a lawyer ready to fight for them when it matters.

Call Our Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Ciccarelli Law Offices, our Pennsylvania Criminal Defense lawyers are both passionate in what they do and compassionate in their treatment of their clients. You deserve a Pennsylvania lawyer that is available when you need him, a lawyer who treats you with respect and protects your rights vigorously. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia metro area including but not limited, West Chester, Kennett Square, Downingtown, Phoenixville, Oxford, Exton, King of Prussia, Lancaster and more! For a free case evaluation contact the defense lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices at (610) 692-8700 or toll free at (877) 529-2422 for a free case evaluation.

Courthouses in Chester County

  • Chester County Courthouse – 201 West Market Street, West Chester,
    PA 19380 (610) 344-6000
  • District Court 15-1-01 – 201 West Market Street, Suite 1307 West Chester,
    PA 19380 (610) 431-4814
  • District Court 15-1-02 – 1572 Paoli Pike West Chester,
    PA 19382 (610) 430-1966
  • District Court 15-1-04 – 21 West Market Street, Suite 100, West Chester,
    PA 19382 (610) 344-6622
  • District Court 15-2-03 – 601 Westtown Road, Suite 110, West Chester,
    PA 19382 (610) 436-5757

Chester County Criminal Defense Resources

Chester County District Attorney

The district attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for Chester County, and this office is responsible for investigating, prosecuting, and preventing crimes in the county. The Chester County District Attorney is currently Thomas P. Hogan, who was elected to the position in 2011 but has worked in the District Attorney’s Office since 1998. This website contains a listing of all detectives in Chester County, the rights of crime victims, and various forms and applications.
201 West Market Street Suite 4450 West Chester, PA 19380 (610) 344-6801

Borough of West Chester Police Department

This is the website of the West Chester Police Department, where you can find annual reports, department announcements, and press releases. There is also a listing of department staff, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to various forms. You can also find annual reports, open records through the Records Department, and additional information about the Communications, Criminal, and Patrol Divisions.
401 East Gay Street West Chester, PA 19380 (610) 692-7574

Chester County Office of the Sheriff

The sheriff is elected by the residents of Chester County, and deputies in this office have the authority to make arrests. The current sheriff is Carolyn Bunny Welsh, the first woman to be elected Sheriff of Chester County, one of two female sheriffs in the Pennsylvania, and one of only 38 female sheriffs in the nation. On this website, you can find more information about the Firearms Licensing Division, community programs, and a list of the most wanted fugitives in the county.
201 West Market Street Suite 1201 West Chester, PA 19380 (610) 344-6850

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“Ciccarelli Law firm helped me get through a long legal battle. They continued to talk to me about the processes and what is happening and why things occurred during court sessions to help me to understand what is going on. They are always willing to give me a phone call to check up on how I was doing and if I had any questions throughout the issues that I had to deal with. Thank you for your help!”  -MATTHEW

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