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A criminal charge could be the beginning of the end for a Montgomery County citizen. It could mean a permanent criminal record, trouble finding gainful employment, and a black mark on your resume when applying for housing. A criminal charge does not have to ruin your life, however.

With help from the right criminal defense lawyer, you could minimize the charges against you. Your lawyer can help you create a strong defense strategy that maneuvers the outcome of your case more in your favor. To speak to a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a proven record of success, contact us at Ciccarelli Law Offices. Initial consultations are free.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our Montgomery criminal defense lawyers have a great deal of criminal trial experience throughout Pennsylvania. We are prepared to take your criminal case to trial if necessary for the best outcome. We can resolve most cases, however, without a full-blown trial.
  • Our lawyers are honest, upfront, and respectful. In our 30 years serving the residents of Pennsylvania, we have successfully represented over 15,000 clients. Past clients attest to the fact that our lawyers were always 100% dedicated to their best interests.
  • Our firm cares about what happens to you. Your attorney from Ciccarelli Law Offices will fight on your behalf in front of a judge or jury. Your lawyer will serve as your confidant and be by your side every step of the way.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Montgomery County?

It is a mistake to represent yourself during criminal case proceedings in Montgomery County. Unless you have a legal background, you will not fully understand the state and/or federal laws involved with your case. You also will not have the court connections or network to present a strong case to the judge. You could hurt yourself with self-representation, and hurt your chances of securing a minimal sentence or having the case dismissed. Hiring an attorney is the best way to protect yourself when facing criminal charges of any kind.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Accept

At Ciccarelli Law Offices, we represent clients in a variety of criminal cases. We have taken cases involving everything from DUI defense to violent crimes such as homicide. No case is too big or too small for our attention. We have achieved jury acquittals on attempted homicide charges, a no-guilty verdict on DUI charges, and convinced the courts to dismiss felony embezzlement charges. Call to find out if we can help you.

Knowing Your Rights When Facing Criminal Charges  

Having a basic knowledge of your rights can serve as the bedrock of building the best defense strategy you can. Arguably, one of the most essential rights to invoke when you are arrested on criminal charges is your right to remain silent. Never speak with the police without consulting your criminal defense attorney. 

When you are arrested, the police must read and explain your Constitutional Miranda Rights and will confirm with you that you understand these rights. At this time, simply inform the law enforcement officers that you are choosing to remain silent and request an attorney. You can connect with a criminal defense lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices, who can meet you at the police station you are brought to. 

You have a right to obtain legal representation when you are faced with criminal charges. While you can elect to have the court appoint a public defender for your case, many of these attorneys are overworked with unmanageable caseloads. Hiring a strategically aggressive and committed criminal defense lawyer will give you the opportunity to build the most robust defense possible.

Defense Strategies That Can Help Fortify Your Case

Regardless of the crime you are accused of, there are various details and circumstances of your arrest that can assist with building your defense. Paying attention to how you are approached and detained by law enforcement can potentially aid in determining the course of your case. Some common factors of a strong defense include:

Knowing if your rights have been violated

Whether you are accused of a horrible crime or a simple misdemeanor, police officers and detectives have very specific procedures they must follow. Informing you of your basic rights before questioning you is an example of the rules law enforcement must abide by. If they do not follow these protocols, the charges against you could be invalidated and ruin their case. 

Challenging the evidence against you

As with ensuring your rights, law enforcement also has specific rules they must follow when collecting evidence. If the police violate laws themselves in order to obtain evidence that could incriminate you, this can have your case thrown out. Informing your criminal attorney of all details regarding the evidence against you can assist us in building a powerful defense for your case. 

Witnesses are rarely as reliable as they may seem

While fictional stories and television have tried to convince us that witnesses can sway a jury against you, they are easily misled by prosecutors. Witnesses are also prone to forgetting specific details, especially when the alleged incident occurred months prior to your trial. Our legal team can refute the claims that witnesses make against you and can challenge prosecuting attorneys if they violate ethical and proper legal procedures. 

Negotiating with opposing counsel or judiciary representatives 

If you are facing serious criminal charges that are based on circumstances that were beyond your control, you may have options for a reduction in charges. Some criminal offenses are known as wobbler crimes, meaning they may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies based on the specific details of the incident. If you are facing felony criminal charges, your legal counsel can potentially negotiate with prosecutors or judges to have your case reduced to a misdemeanor in exchange for certain concessions, such as pleading guilty to lesser charges or providing law enforcement with valuable information. 

Montgomery Criminal Defense FAQ

When you need a criminal defense attorney to address your legal concerns, your mind is likely overflowing with concerns and questions. There are many instances where the benefits of your criminal defense lawyer can be clear and some that are not so obvious. We have put together this short FAQ to answer some of the most commonly asked questions our clients have had, including:

Why should I pay for a criminal defense attorney when the state will provide a public defender for free?

While the financial benefits of being provided with a free attorney may seem apparent, they could cost you more in the long run. Public defenders are often overworked, according to Governor Josh Shapiro, and may not be able to give your defense the attention it deserves. When you hire your criminal defense lawyer with Ciccarelli Law Offices, you have access to a dedicated legal team with vast experience defending citizens from even the most zealous state prosecutors. 

How much will a criminal defense lawyer cost me?

First, ask yourself this: can you really put a price tag on your freedom? While this may be one of the most common questions our clients have, the answer is not exactly simple or easy. Every case is different and has its own unique set of circumstances, so the fee for every defendant is based on the possibility of success and the resources we need to devote in pursuit of a positive outcome for you as the client. 

Can you guarantee me an innocent verdict if I hire your law firm?

While we cannot guarantee you a particular result for your specific case, we can assure you that when you choose Ciccarelli Law Offices, you can rest easier knowing that you have decades of combined legal experience in your corner. We can assess your case and the evidence against you, discuss possible defense strategies, and provide focused and dedicated legal counsel tailored to your specific case. 

Can I explain my situation to the police before I get an attorney?

This question has a very simple response, and it is always a firm “no.” Many law enforcement officials will try to tell you that if you are innocent, you have nothing to hide and should, therefore, speak to them without an attorney present, but the reality is you need legal representation before speaking with the police. Police are trained to get the information they want by nearly any lawful means available to them, including lying to you or misleading you. The only statement you should give police before consulting your lawyer is that you are invoking your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and that you are requesting an attorney. 


Trust in Montgomery’s Leading Criminal Defense Law Firm

We use a team approach when we take on a criminal defense case in Montgomery County. Our criminal defense attorneys put their heads together to create the best defense strategy for your unique situation, charges, and background. We will fight to have the courts reduce or completely dismiss the charges against you, regardless of the nature of the charge. Find out if we can represent you by calling our local law office or filling out our quick contact form to request a confidential consultation today.

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Do not talk to anyone without an attorney present after police arrest you for an alleged crime in Montgomery County. You could say something that incriminates you and makes your situation worse. Instead, remain calm and cooperative with all orders from law enforcement. Politely decline to answer any questions other than giving police your name. Explain that you wish to call an attorney, and that you will not be answering questions until you have a lawyer present. As soon as you are able, call (610) 692-8700 for Ciccarelli Law Offices.

We will answer calls 24/7 from potential clients to discuss their situations and offer our best advice. If we decide to take your case, your lawyer will immediately go to work on your case, calling the right people to find out more details about the charges against you. Speak to a defense attorney right away upon arrest in Montgomery County. It does not cost anything to consult with one of our lawyers. Submit your inquiry today

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