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Advice on Finding Workers Comp Lawyer When Injured At Work in Chester County PA

Posted on September 29th, 2015

hospital patientAdvice on Finding A Chester County Workers Compensation Lawyer:

Employers have the right to question and dispute responsibility for injuries that happen to their employees while on the job. This is true in any state, but it is atrocious how many times companies have denied any worker’s compensation or any involvement in a work place injury. Despite the right employees have to compensation, there are instances of employers who will terminate their relationship with that employee or create a hostile work environment to get the injured employee to quit. l. Worker’s compensation statutes are designed to protect employees who are injured or disabled while at work. Under this law, employees cannot sue for and suffering, but also are not required to show legal fault of the employer. If it happens at work, employees are almost always required to cover medical bills related to the injury sustained by the employee while at work. Unfortunately many employees avoid this at all cost, thus circumventing the law put into place by the United States government.

There are many cases that occur daily which could trigger the employer’s responsibility to pick up the medical bill because of an injury sustained at work. Trucking companies are no different. Recently in Pennsylvania, a truck driver fractured his right foot which led to substantial health consequences. This left the trucker unable to work. As any bone fracture, in order to rehab properly, the trucker needed medical treatment and physical therapy. His time of recovery before returning to work was approximately six months.

The trucking company allegedly viewed the trucker’s injury as a long term issue which would impair his work and make him useless to the company. The injured worker was told within two months of his injury that his position at the company was eliminated and thus he was dismissed from his employment there. The worker claims that this was the employer’s way to get even with him because he just recently filed for a worker’s compensation claim. Filing for this compensation is every employee’s right. If the claim is justified, the worker’s compensation will be approved. Fearing this may be the case, the trucking company dreaded paying for someone who could not be productive to their business and therefore sought to unlawfully cut ties.

If you fear this is happening to you or that it could happen to you, having advocates on your side helps minimize the problems that can result from filing a worker’s compensation claim. Remember, it is your right to do so and that your employer is lawfully obligated to pay for an injury that you sustained while working for them. Your employer should not be avoiding their responsibility or taking away your rights. Ciccarelli Law Offices’ worker’s compensation team have the experience you need to overcome any challenges from your employer so that you can receive the money you deserve to pay for medical bills and expenses.

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