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Expungement Process Explained

Posted on September 4th, 2015

man alonePA Expungement Laws allows for Residents to have a second chance at a clean record

Have you been convicted of drinking underage, or a similar summary offense as a young adult and it is currently affecting your school or job prospects?  Have you been entered and completed the ARD program and want a clean record for that job you always dreamed of?   It sounds like what you need is an expungement.  Allow Ciccarelli Law Offices to represent you today and use its combined decades of criminal defense experience in Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Counties to get you the outcome you deserve.

Expungements are the legal term for removing previous convictions or charges off your record.  Having a criminal record can come with many secondary consequences, including limiting your job prospects, influencing school acceptance, and generally embarrassing moments when someone runs a background check on you.  Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment and talk to the Criminal Defense team about applying for that expungement.  With the help of Ciccarelli Law you will finally be able to have a clean record and be unencumbered from past allegations.

In Pennsylvania you are eligible to expunge your record if any of the following are true, (1) you have successfully completed ARD, and the crime was not one of the innumerated felonies where expungement is forbidden, (2) you have been found guilty of a summary offense but 5 years has passed since the conviction, or (3) a person now 21, who was convicted of a violation of section 6308, relating to illegal purchase or consumption of alcohol, which occurred after the person’s 18th birthday.  Many people are under the misconception that after ARD is completed your record is clean again, this is not true.  Don’t keep that conviction on your record one or more day that you have to.  Call Lee Ciccarelli and the Criminal Defense Team to expunge your record today.

Pennsylvania is one of the many states with complicated procedures regarding the expungement, or clearing, of someone’s record.  At Ciccarelli Law we handle all phases of the expungement process, from the complicated paperwork all the way to having our criminal defense team handle the in person hearing to have your record cleaned.   Learn more by contacting Ciccarelli Law Offices.