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Finding a Great Injury Lawyer after a car accident in Chester County PA

Posted on September 10th, 2015

TR004531Pennsylvania Car Accidents may be on the rise in 2015 due to many factors: be prepared, get compensation.

As the American economy rebuilt itself since the years of the recession, its growth has been tremendous for the job market and overall economy. The automobile industry has also rebounded within the past seven years while gas prices simultaneously dropped to their lowest prices since 2010. This is great news for almost everyone, except auto-insurers who are seeing their claims rise and their profits cut. The lowered unemployment rate and strong economy are resulting in many workers driving to and from their place of employment. From afar, this may not seem relevant to the average citizen however, insurance rates are rising as a consequence to keep up with the increased amount of drivers and their subsequent claims. Car accidents are rising and motor-vehicle deaths will exceed 40,000 for the first time in over eight years. In addition, many, including Warren Buffet, believe these increased numbers have directly been affected by the increased amount of mobile device usage while driving. Using a mobile device while driving is an illegal act, yet one in four car accidents involve use of a cellphone. Therefore the chances of an average citizen being in a car accident is higher than it has been in many years.

How will you be prepared? The need for a great lawyer and strong representation to get the compensation you deserve after an accident is key to a successful claim. Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, and Philadelphia counties, are no exception to this increased accident trend. That’s where Ciccarelli Law Offices comes in to help you. Our law offices specialize in getting the most financial compensation for each of our clients who have suffered injuries or been in any form of a car accident. Medical bills are infamous for piling up quickly as hospitals in America are extremely expensive; there is rarely total relief from these costs from auto and health insurers. To get the money you need to heal, rehab and be treated properly, having the best legal advice around is an essential. Don’t leave you and your family vulnerable after a car accident as the hospital bills grow out of control. Ciccarelli law offices will help you retain your same quality of life without going into debt with health providers.

We have decades of experience in automobile accident cases and personal injury claims. You can trust Ciccarelli Law Offices to assist you as we have helped thousands before. Lee Ciccarelli created a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys with one goal: protecting and fighting for you and your family’s rights. Call us to discuss your case at (610) 692-8700.