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Local Attorneys Successful in Getting Marijuana Charges Dismissed

Posted on September 16th, 2015

weed 02Chester County Marijuana Defense Attorney

Recently, one of our clients was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana that an officer found him with. The marijuana was in the vehicle that our client was driving at the time. This was an offense that could have been much worse if not for Ciccarelli Law Offices. Our client was staring at serious criminal possession charges along with a lengthy ARD program that would have cost him hundreds if not thousands of dollars. To his credit, our client realized that the smart move was to have proper representation while he went through the judicial process.

He was rewarded for this decision when he was not punished by the District Attorney. This was fortunate because he was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana, which could have led to a large fine and possibly further disciplinary charges. Instead, Ciccarelli Law Offices were able to have the District Attorney withdraw the charges and not pursue our client any further.   Now that the charges have been dismissed, our criminal defense team is in the process of obtaining an expungement for the crimes he was charged with so that his criminal record will be removed.

Expungements are the legal term for removing previous charges or convictions from an individual’s record. Our client was not convicted of his crimes, therefore to have those charges appear on his background checks could have been a nasty and unnecessary hindrance on his life. Imagine, if our client was seeking employment in the future and the potential employer ran a background check on him. The employer could discover that our client was charged with criminal possession of marijuana. It would be difficult for our client to explain that he was not convicted of such a crime and it may be even more difficult for the employer to look past the charge and then hire him. This would not have been our client’s fault at all. Thankfully, the expungement will be successful and that nightmare scenario will not tarnish our client’s future.

Expungements are a means of freedom from your past. Minor criminal crimes like possession or underage drinking violations can become major problems for good people. It could negatively impact future job prospects, criminal cases, or school acceptance. If you are charged with one of these crimes and believe it should rightfully be expunged, Ciccarelli Law Offices can help you. We assisted our client by having the charges dropped, then erased those charges from his record, and restored his future. We can do the same for you!

Ciccarelli Law Offices has decades of experience that will be beneficial to your case. We have law offices throughout Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. We have established these law offices to help good people renew their life after a mistake.

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