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Injured Victims of an Uninsured Motorist Need Experienced Representation

Posted on November 1st, 2015

Another unsuspecting motor vehicle insurance client was denied underinsured motorist coverage, this time the culprit company was Geico. In a much too common trend, where drivers are not given the relief they pay for in their insurance policy, Geico denied a Dauphin County family their right to coverage resulting from a two vehicle crash.

Auto-insurance companies are supposed to be there to assist you with your expenses for injury recovery and rehabilitation. To do this, these companies should pay a portion of your medical bills; but insurance companies often make it difficult for their clients to obtain their insurance benefits. This is in bad taste because most of the insured motorists have been paying into their insurance plan for an extended amount of time, thus deserving to be treated well when it is necessary for them to finally receive their benefits. The benefits are key to an injured person’s recovery.

The plaintiffs suffered injuries like permanent neck and back pain, a concussion, and extensive shoulder issues. Those who drive their own car in Pennsylvania are statutorily required to have a $5,000 minimum on their insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. After claiming all of the other driver’s auto-insurance money, they were forced to pay the rest out of their own pockets or seek more money from the other driver’s health insurance plan. The plaintiffs are suing Geico because they believe they are entitled to relief from their own auto-insurance provider as well. The family made a claim for uninsured motorist coverage but failed to accomplish this. The plaintiffs and Geico were not able to resolve their differences and strike a deal. Geico’s policy does not provide for arbitration, which is typically a less expensive and more expedient version of court. This takes place outside of a court of law and is decided by an independent judge called an arbitrator. The arbitrator’s decision is still enforceable within the court of law’s system however. Without arbitration, the plaintiffs never would have received a fair chance to dispute Geico and their unfair policies. As a result of this, they decided to sue in a court of law seeking compensatory damages totaling over $75,000.

Going through the issues that follow a car accident are hard enough for everyone involved. The last thing a motorist wants in their way is their own auto-insurance policy who they pay for throughout the year. Drivers should not have to pay for every part of their injury and car damages when they are insured, that’s a job for the insurance companies to handle. This trend of insurance companies attempting to avoid paying their clients for their injuries sustained during an accident is disturbing. If this is happening to you, partnering with a law firm is essential to you getting a fair court process under state law and the compensation you need.

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