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Posted on February 28th, 2016

According to the Penn Record, a trucker was recently injured while he was parked in his semitrailer on the side of the roadway in Pennsylvania, a customary place for truckers to stop and gain some rest. This rest did not last very long for this trucker when another driver, smashed into the right side of the truck. The crash threw the trucker off the cabin bunk, leading to serious and painful injuries. The trucker suffered injuries that prevented him from working for more than a year. In that year, the costs of his medical expenses were over $35,000. This trucker seeks a large amount of compensation for his injuries as well as the cost of his attorney fees.

The process to receiving all of the desired compensation requires an incredible amount of dedication and attention to detail. In Pennsylvania, those who wish to drive their car are statutorily required to have a $15,000 insurance policy minimum for liability to other drivers they have an accident with. This minimum is set forth under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. The auto-insurance policy of the at-fault party is the first place the injured party needs to look for compensation. At the minimum, the truck driver has at least $15,000 to assist him in medical recovery, if his injuries are as serious as he claims. People like the trucker hurt in this accident are fully deserving of great compensation so they can restore their lives back to a normal place. If his claims are proved to be true, his compensation will be much greater than $15,000.

Negligence on the part of the at-fault drivers should not be tolerated because the costs of such lack of attention are severe and sometimes fatal. The injured should not have to pay for medical care they need because of injuries they sustained in an accident that was not their fault at all. The cost and time associated with rehabbing serious injuries is expensive, time consuming, and often tedious. Holding the negligent driver accountable, in any car accident scenario, is the minimum that needs to be accomplished during the aftermath of a crash. Receiving money from the other party’s insurance company is not always simple, but it is a process that is necessary for an injured party’s full compensation.

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