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Impact of Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP) on Second Time Offenders in Pennsylvania

Posted on February 28th, 2016

All the counties surrounding the mid-state including, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties, have experienced a spike in DUI arrests over the last several years.  These arrests are comprised of both Drunk and Drugged Drivers. Don’t face these high fines and Mandatory Minimum sentences alone, Call Ciccarelli Law today and have our criminal defense team represent you at your Preliminary Hearing, and through trial.

Many counties have specific Sentencing alternatives to straight jail time.  Chester County is no different.

What many people do not know about sentencing alternatives, is that if you lawyer fails to submit you for the program, you could be subject to a tougher sentence than required under the law.  Dozens of our clients have benefited from the experience and knowledge of our attorneys by applying and being accepted into appropriate sentencing alternatives.

The Ciccarelli Law firm has the experience you need to expertly handle your DUI case and get you the outcome you deserve.  Call Ciccarelli Law today at (610) 692-8700 for a consultation and let us lay out your options regarding you DUI Arrest.

In Pennsylvania the DUI law states that one, may not drive a vehicle if he has drank enough alcohol to 1) render him or her incapable of safely driving the vehicle, or 2) place his BAC above the .08% level.  The law also renders punishments for any driver driving with a certain amount of drugs in their system.  Drugged Drivers are punished at the most severe level.  Drunk Drivers punishments increase in severity depending on how high your blood alcohol content is.  Even your first offense can come with a Mandatory Minimum sentence of 3 days and a fine between $1,000 and $5,000.

Intermediate Punishment is a sentencing alternative available to multiple offense DUI drivers in Chester County as a sentencing alternative to a straight Prison sentence.  The Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP) is designed for offenders convicted of drug and alcohol related offenses.  A drug-related offense is a crime that was motivated by the defendant’s consumption of or addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

The program requires that you obtain permission before leaving PA, you refrain from associating with criminals and avoid contact with the law, and acknowledging that you can be subject to search at any time and also that you maintain a very strict probation schedule.  Also you must refrain from using drugs and consuming alcohol.  The application must be filed with the Adult Probation and Parole Department at least 30 days prior to sentencing.

Typically IPP Sentences in Chester County include, a flat period of incarceration, fines and costs, electronic monitoring, intensive probation supervision, community service, and drug and alcohol treatment.

Pennsylvania currently has over 50 DUI Task Forces across the state, and over 150 trained Drug Recognition Experts, trained and deployed to detect drunk and drugged drivers.  These experts helped and contributed to the 52,636 total DUI arrests in Pennsylvania last year.

Have you been charged with Drunk Driving?  Call Ciccarelli Law today and rely on this Criminal Defense Law Firms Decades of criminal law experience in Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.  Reach us at (610) 692-8700.