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What happens when you get a DUI?

Posted on August 25th, 2017

What happens when you get a DUI?

What happens when you get a DUI? After someone gets stopped for a DUI and gets processed and arrested and gets a breath or blood test and is released. They’ll commonly be surprised that they haven’t received any paperwork or citation. In fact, it may be weeks or months before they get a formal criminal summons requiring them to appear in court. Many clients will, perhaps- denial or hope that charges won’t be filed, will wait until they receive that paperwork and then be in a position where they panic because they have a hearing scheduled in a couple days. You need attorneys who are going to give you every chance you have, who is going to fight for you and give you that opportunity to avoid a conviction after a DUI.

I’ve been asked more than once do I really need an attorney for a DUI? And I think to myself if the police have their attorney, their prosecutor at their side at the preliminary hearing ready to prosecute you, why wouldn’t you have an attorney? Why wouldn’t you have somebody fighting for you, someone who knows the law, who can act on your behalf and has your back and has you back?

That’s what you can expect from Ciccarelli Law Offices. Attorneys who are ready to fight for you, who have the knowledge and experience and care about the result, care about fighting for you when you need it the most.