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Lee A. Ciccarelli

Firm Founder

lee ciccarelli

Lee Ciccarelli is the founder of Ciccarelli Law Offices: a nationally known Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Firm with offices in the greater Phoenix Metro area as well as the greater Philadelphia metro area.  Our team is devoted to our clients when they need us the most and Lee is known for his compassion to these clients and his passion for fighting for them.  For Lee, his clients’ Success is Our Mission.  Lee and his team represent clients in the greater Phoenix Metro area including Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Meza, and Scottsdale Arizona.

Ciccarelli Law Offices is as unique as its founder in its sincere devotion to serving the public, fighting against injustice, and getting results. Lee has been a licensed Phoenix criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, initially licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1989 after graduating from the nationally recognized George Washington University Law School.   Ciccarelli Law Offices was founded over twenty years ago, focusing on representing clients in crisis, whether by the negligence of another in a serious injury case or by accusations resulting in serious and life-altering criminal charges and arrests.

Lee Ciccarelli’s experience in trial both in the area of personal injury, automobile accidents, medical malpractice and in criminal defense, serves as a foundation for a firm with the integrity, passion, and experience needed for the toughest of legal battles.


Born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the oldest of eight children, Lee was instilled by his parents with a keen desire to seek the truth, demand fairness, pursue justice, and serve others. Over fifty years ago, Lee’s uncle and his father, a veteran of WWII, an entrepreneur, and a deeply religious man, both rose from the shadows of the Great Depression to begin a family tradition of excellent customer service and long-term client relationships. Their devotion to satisfying their patrons, treating them with respect and honesty, and maintaining a high standard for themselves and their clients was passed on to each of their children.

No less important to his father, Pasqualino, and Uncle Clem was that their children be well-educated and devoted to the service of others. Invigorated by this purpose, Lee pursued an education at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA where he combined a curriculum of chemistry and the sciences with American history, focusing on Civil Rights and the Labor Movement, and the Women’s Movement.

Arizona Law Firm

Though originally from the east coast, Lee began his wondrous invitation and journey to Arizona over twenty years ago and has been a frequent visitor enjoying the outdoors and exploring this great state.   It was only natural for him to bring his legal services to Arizona and he is hopeful that he and his team will continue to bring their work ethic and passion to Arizona clients facing serious injury and/or criminal charges in the greater Phoenix area and all of Arizona.   Lee welcomes your calls and questions. Feel free to contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation on your legal matter including advice on personal injury law and accident law; advice on workers’ compensation law and work injuries; and advice on criminal law, criminal charges, DUI, and traffic law.

Lee proudly acknowledges his Italian-American roots and relates to his family’s history of determination, persistence, hard work, humility, and honesty amidst day-to-day struggles. These are attributes that Lee upholds every day for his clients.

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